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An Elder Snow Griffin

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an elder snow griffin
an elder snow griffin
Race: Griffin
Class: Druid
Level: 42-45
Zone: Eastern Wastes
Location: South-eastern quadrant
AC: ?
HP: 3256 (?)
Damage per hit: 50 - 120
Attacks per round: 2 (?)
Special: SoW speed


Fast, casts root, fire spells and dispel. Drops eggs for the Prayer Shawl quests.
They can be found in the southeast quadrant between the bridge to Iceclad and Ry'Gorr fort. They tend to path just south of Iceclad Bridge.
Pathing nodes at: (-5992, -746), (-7108, -2073).

Best to pull them with a dispel as their damage shield will tear through your melee types.

Known Loot