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A Cleric of Hate

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a cleric of hate
a cleric of hate
Race: ? Citizen
Class: ?
Level: ?
Zone: None
AC: ?
HP: ? (?)
Damage per hit: ?
Attacks per round: ? (?)
Special: None


This mob does not and never will exist in P99. This is from the final Hate revamp with the entirely new zone map.


Ministers of Hate are Teir'Dal clerics who have proven themselves worthy of the highest honor from their god — being transformed into a powerful instrument of his might. Ministers of Hate study hatred in all its forms, then work diligently to spread its influence on behalf of their divine prince. The majority of the ministers of Hate are born on the Plane of Hate. Some few, however, have lived and excelled on Norrath for many long years, and have finally won enough favor from their dark god to be brought to this home plane and made semi-divine themselves.

The most revered position a cleric of Innoruuk can have in service to their god is to become the Evangelist of Hate, leader of the ministers of Hate. The Evangelist stands at the right hand of Innoruuk himself, and carries out Innoruuk's plans to secure more power in the mortal realm as well as commanding a large number of the denizens on the Plane of Hate in the name of the Dark Prince.

Known Loot

  • none


  • None

Opposing Factions

  • None

Related Quests

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