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A frightful chest

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a frightful chest
a frightful chest
Race: Mimic
Class: Warrior
Level: 60
Zone: Plane of Hate
Location: 5% @ (-120, 471)
AC: 409
HP: 13000 (10)
Damage per hit: 93 - 225
Attacks per round: 2 (80.3125%)
Special: None


This mob does not exist on p99. The mob you're looking for is a haunted chest.


Haunted chests are just one example of the many malevolent animate objects on the Plane of Hate. These large, ornate, brass-bound trunks are filled not only with objects, but also with hatred for all living things, like the very fabric of the Plane around them, and they can be dangerous to those visitors to the plane who pass too close. Some buildings in the Plane of Hate are empty of other creatures, yet remain unsafe due to the great many haunted chests (and other animated objects) inside. Such haunted premises remain quiet until someone enters — after which the loud squeaking of hinges and banging of wooden lids, accompanied by the occasional scream or groan, thunder from within.

Haunted chests possess an unusual characteristic; Certain powerful inhabitants of Hate tend to use haunted chests to store the many coins, items, and goods they have won from intruders or during raids into other planes. As a result, some rare treasures which are normally found, for instance, only in Cazic-Thule's Plane of Fear can sometimes be found within a haunted chest.

Known Loot


Opposing Factions

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Related Quests

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