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A knight of hate

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N O T C L A S S I C !

Contents may contain items, mobs, or formulas that do NOT exist in the Project 1999 Timelines.

a Knight of Innoruuk
a Knight of Innoruuk
Race: Dark Elf?
Class: Shadow Knight
Level: 61-62
Zone: Plane of Hate
Location: ?
AC: ?
HP: ? (?)
Damage per hit: ?
Attacks per round: ? (?)
Special: ?


This mob does not and never will exist in P99. This is from the final Hate revamp with the entirely new zone map.


Knights of Hate are Teir'Dal warriors or shadow knights who, like agents of Hate and sorcerers of Hate, have been lifted to semi-divine status. Adorned in wicked, dark plate armor, these unholy knights are feared and respected among the Teir'Dal as fanatic shock troops for the prince of hate. A knight of Hate typically favors the use of a greatsword and full plate armor etched with vile depictions of death; heavy armor and deadly skill, and in some cases dark spells, combine to bring great harm upon any foe the knight meets. The knight of Hate's most feared ability is its dreaded harm touch.

Knights of Hate are often found near the Prince of Hate's palace on the Plane of Hate, guarding against unwanted intruders. Knights who distinguish themselves in combat or on missions for the Dark Prince may advance to "Gravelord" status; the most powerful knight of the Order of Hate is known only as the Dread knight, the most feared of all of Innoruuk's once-mortal shadow knight servants.

Nearly all the knights of Hate are former Teir'Dal; however, a few are in fact Firstborn Teir'Dal. These rare knights were once high elf paladins who were part of a doomed invasion of the Plane of Hate ages ago. While these most powerful few knights of Hate are now in every respect Teird'Dal, they still wear their old regalia, in scorn of their former existence as feeble Koada'Dal. Their animosity and savagery is extreme in any fight, yet boundless should they encounter a high or wood elf; their hatred for the light elves is legendary, even among the Teir'Dal.

Known Loot

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Opposing Factions

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Related Quests

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