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An Enraged Goblin

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an enraged goblin
an enraged goblin
Race: Goblin
Class: Warrior
Level: 14
Zone: Butcherblock Mountains
Location: 100% @ (-302, 1080), (-302, 1105), (-306, 1118)
AC: 110
HP: 336 (0)
Damage per hit: 1 - 32
Attacks per round: 1 (100%)
Special: None


There are only three enraged goblins, standing side by side in a little nook of Butcherblock Mountains between the goblin warrior camp and the path to the druid rings. Respawns every 15 minutes.

Known Loot

  • Enraged Goblin Beads
    Enraged Goblin Beads
    Item 850.png

    Slot: NECK
    STR: +1
    WT: 0.5 Size: SMALL
    Class: ALL
    Race: ALL

    (100%) (96.4% - 100%) [p1999]

Average coin loot: 0.192 pp


Opposing Factions

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