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Anonymous (Guild)

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Anonymous is a casual raiding guild that seeks to provide enjoyable raiding to those who might otherwise find themselves hindered by real-life obligations and responsibilities. We are a tight-knit, loyal and dedicated group of friends headed by a core of officers who hold ourselves to high standards of honesty and fairness.

We raid mostly in the evenings (CST) and we try to schedule our raids as much as possible. We have several characters with their epics (monks, shamans, cleric, rogues, ranger) and several more characters approaching that stage. The planes are our main focus currently as well as any mob that drops loot needed for epics.


  • Guild Leader: Oteso
  • Officer: Anonymouse
  • Officer: Shamnasty
  • Officer: Kalanis
  • Officer: Wiked
  • Officer: Trixsie
  • Officer: Carkle


We are currently accepting applications from main characters level 46 and up along with their associated alts. If you'd like more information contact any of the officers listed above or check out our website at ---> We look forward to hearing from you!