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Aviak Chicks

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Bumle Reminjar
Start Zone: North Kaladim
Quest Giver: Bumle Reminjar
Minimum Level: 3
Classes: Bard, Cleric, Druid, Paladin, Ranger, Rogue, Shadow Knight, Shaman, Warrior
Related Zones: Butcherblock Mountains
Related NPCs: a Krag chick



Bumle Reminjar is at location 1389, 133 in North Kaladim at the Paladin guild.

'You say, 'Hail, Bumle Reminjar

Bumle Reminjar says 'Welcome, _____. The Cathedral of Underfoot welcomes all good persons. May you find peace from the dangers of Butcherblock within these walls. The paladins of this holy place are very much aware of the evils outside Kaladim. The threat of goblins and [birdmen] has increased.'

'You say, 'What birdmen?

Bumle Reminjar says 'The birdmen I speak of are the aviak krags. These vile creatures have desecrated our land. They have dared to perch upon our great statue. The king has instructed all noble paladins in this order to [destroy the krag chicks].'

'You say, 'I will destroy the krag chicks.'

Bumle Reminjar says 'Yes. You are known to have aided our cause. You shall continue by returning any aviak chick talons to me. I will reward you for the return of no fewer than four at a time. Go, and serve the will of the king!'

Hand Bumle four Aviak Chick Talon.

Bumle Reminjar says 'Well done, _____! Thanks for the Aviak Chick Talons.'

You gain experience!! "~3% for lvl 9 rogue"

You receive Small Patchwork Pants from Bumle Reminjar.