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Aviak Talons

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Original Classic Era (added 1999-2000)
Bumle Reminjar
Start Zone: North Kaladim
Quest Giver: Bumle Reminjar
Minimum Level: 8
Classes: All
Related Zones: Butcherblock Mountains
Related NPCs: a krag elder



This is a continuation of the Aviak Chicks quest which Bumle Reminjar, located at 1382, 132, 39 in the dining hall of the Paladin guild, will offer at Kindly faction following the turn in of the Aviak Chick Talons.

Bumle Reminjar says, 'You have proven yourself worthy, ______. Now, the real threat from the birdmen are the more fully-grown aviaks. Return no less than four talons from these creatures and I shall reward you!'

Hand Bumle Reminjar 4 Aviak Talons, randomly looted from a krag elder, primarly located in the southern region of the Butcherblock Mountains between the Greater Faydark and Dagnor's Cauldron zone lines.

Bumle Reminjar says, 'Ahh! You are truly brave, ______!'

You gain experience!!

You receive 2 platinum, 5 gold, 4 silver pieces.