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Bane Weapons

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Contents may contain items, mobs or formulas that do not exist in the Project 1999 Timelines.

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"Bane damage" was, for all practical purposes, added with Shadows of Luclin and so will never exist on p1999. It was essentially a damage modifier on weapons that only took effect versus certain types/races of mobs.

A few weapons which existed in classic were later given bane damage, thus the confusion as to whether or not it might show up on p1999. Examples are Gnoll Slayer (Bane DMG: Gnoll +10) and Greenmist (Bane DMG: Shissar +6).


While Greenmist was released shortly before Luclin, and will exist on Project 1999, the Shissar it affects will not; the bane damage on the weapon was widely regarded as a "teaser" for Luclin.

List of bane weapons

The following is a (quite incomplete) list of weapons with Bane Damage:

Gnoll Slayer (Intermediate)
1hs 6/28, +5 vs Gnolls
Gnoll Slayer (Final)
1hs 15/40, +10 vs. Gnolls
Club of Gnoll Bashing
1hb 7/28, +5 vs. Gnolls