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Beguile Plants Quest

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Start Zone: Firiona Vie
Quest Giver: Shrub Marwood
Minimum Level: 35+
Classes: Druid
Related Zones: Lake of Ill Omen, Frontier Mountains, Swamp of No Hope, Kaesora
Related NPCs: sarnak revealer, partisan, froglok tsu shaman, strathebone spider



a sarnak partisan

This quest can be done at a bare minimum with one partner at level 29, or solo at level 34 ... if you are skilled/lucky enough. However, the mobs are level 32+, and many are casters (which can be difficult to solo), so having more people or being higher level is recommended. Keep in mind though that the spell is only useful for a limited range of levels, so don't wait too long to get it or it won't be of any use to you.

This spell was added with EQ's first expansion Ruins of Kunark, and therefore the entire quest is done in Kunark. The zones involved zones are circled in red on the map above.

Step 1

Go to Lake of Ill Omen and head to the Sarnak Fort at -2000, +2000. Any sarnak can spawn A Sarnak revealer, thats who you need to kill for Farsight Crystal.

NOTE - Sarnak Fort is a heavily camped location. It is very likely one of these Crystals is rotting on a corpse near one of the groups. Do a camp check, and if anyone is at the Sarnak fort ask them if you could sit nearby and loot a Crystal if one drops. It has no other use than this quest, so chances are they will have no problem with you grabbing it.


Step 2

Go to either of the marked spots on the map in Frontier Mountains. Kill Sarnaks until A sarnak partisan Spawns. Kill the Partisans for Pouch of Dust. It does not drop every time, so keep killing them until you get it. Be aware that Sarnak Partisans cast blind. One has enough mana to cast it 5-6 times.

EDIT: The position marked as 1 (on map) DOES NOT spawn the "a sarnak partisan" at all. The other spot with no number is the correct one.

Step 3

Go to Firiona Vie and kill Froglok Tsu Shamans for Tsu Shaman Powder drop.

Step 4

Go to Kaesora, Droga or Nurga and kill strathbone spiders for Strathbone Silk.

Tip: Take the first left from the entrance of Kaesora and go into the hole there. There is a door on the other side of the hall. Hop over the pit and wait for roamers to come by. Be aware that the spiders are casters. (Tip by Qarris from live, confirmed on P99)

Step 5

Find Shrub Marwood in the eastern hideout of the Firiona Vie outpost.

Turn these four items in to Shrub Marwood and receive "Fertile Crop." Scribe this spell into your spellbook and its name will change to Beguile Plants. NOTE: the scroll is no drop so can't be traded or sold.

You gain experience!!