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Behead the Freeport Militia

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Original Classic Era (added 1999-2000)
Jemoz Lerkarson
Start Zone: West Freeport
Quest Giver: Jemoz Lerkarson
Minimum Level:  ?
Classes: Cleric
Related Zones: East Freeport
Related NPCs: Captain Hazran


  • Low Level Spells, Faction, Experience


Note: Quest added/fixed on p99 in Feb 17, 2013 patch.

This quest begins with Jemoz Lerkarson, a cleric guildmaster in the basement of the Temple of Marr (northwest part of West Freeport: location 1610, -1700, -195).

On handing a Damaged Militia Helm to him, you saw:

Jemoz Lerkarson says 'Bless you, my child. Marr is grateful, as are we. Here is our thanks. Let it bring you greater strength to defeat the Militia. Go and continue the crusade. Soon you will be strong enough to slay the [true organizer].'

You say, 'What true organizer?'

Jemoz Lerkarson says 'Captain Hazran is the commander of the Freeport Militia. Lucan has no time to waste on relegating duties. Hazran is the one who keeps these brutes together as a militia. Stop him and maybe the militia will collapse. Find a way to return his head to me. That would surely bring great thanks from this temple.'

Captain Hazran is a level ? Warrior guildmaster found in the Militia House in East Freeport (southwestern part of the zone. Location -1130, 400, 33).

Captain Hazran smacks the flat of his blade against the palm of his hand and says, 'You want a taste of this, _____?!!'

You have slain Captain Hazran!

Captain Hazran's corpse says 'Your name shall be added to the most wanted list of the Freeport Militia!!'

Loot the Human Head from his corpse and bring it to Jemoz:

Jemoz Lerkarson says 'We heard of your assault. We even attempted to slay Lucan. Alas, we failed. You have done your part and as such have earned our thanks. Beware of the Freeport Militia. They will no doubt be on the lookout for you. May Marr protect you. Perhaps you should speak with Valeron Dushire, paladin of the Knights of Truth. He seeks other to slay the fallen knight.'

You gain experience!!

For your efforts, you receive a random low level spell.