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Bertoxxulous Symbol Quests

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Evah Xokez
Start Zone: Ak'Anon
Quest Giver: Evah Xokez
Minimum Level: 8
Classes: Cleric
Deity: Bertoxxulous
Related Zones: Steamfont Mountains
Related NPCs: Ennixy Frennor, a brittle skeleton, a female rat, an infected female rat


  • Initiate Symbol of Bertoxxulous
    Initiate Symbol of Bertoxxulous
    Item 1002.png

    Slot: NECK
    AC: 3
    WIS: +1 MANA: +3
    Effect: Disease Cloud (Must Equip, Casting Time: 4.0)
    WT: 0.1 Size: TINY
    Class: CLR
    Race: HUM GNM
    Deity: Bertoxxulous

Initiate Symbol of Bertoxxulous

The quest begins with Evah Xokez, cleric trainer of the dark reflection faction in the mines of malfunction, Ak'Anon. Tell her you are "willing to learn" and she will give you a vial and instruct you to spread the plague by using it to infect a female rat, a common spawn beyond the windmills of Steamfont. Give the vial to the female rat, and receive an empty vial and experience in return. Give the empty vial back to Evah Xokez, and she will reward you with faction, experience, a container, and another task.

The second task is to collect four items and combine them in the container, then return the combined container for the Initiate Symbol of Bertoxxulous. The four items are gnomish spirits, a sprig of wormwood, and two diseased bone marrow portions. The spirits can be brewed using the brewing trade skill, or purchased in Ak'Anon. Diseased bone marrow is found on brittle skeletons, a gnome-sized skeleton mob in Steamfont. They can be found in the area north and west of the windmills. The sprig of wormwood is obtained by hailing a NPC in the Steamfont Mountains named Ennixy Frennor, and asking about Wormwood.

Need missing dialogues, current faction hits if any, /loc of quest mobs, list of additional quest rewards.