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Blackburrow Brewers

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Larsk Juton
Start Zone: Surefall Glade
Quest Giver: Larsk Juton
Minimum Level: 12
Classes: Druid, Ranger
Related Zones: Blackburrow
Related NPCs: a gnoll brewer


  • Cloak of Jaggedpine
    Cloak of Jaggedpine
    Item 663.png

    Slot: BACK
    AC: 6
    DEX: +3
    WT: 1.5 Size: MEDIUM
    Class: RNG DRU

  • Coin


After you turn in Gnasher's head to Larsk Juton, he will sometimes say that he requires your services to [assist in the extermination of the gnoll brewers].

If you say the magic words, he elaborates. He tells you to go to Blackburrow to kill the gnoll brewers, and bring back any Blackburrow Casks.

You Say 'I will assist in the extermination of the gnoll brewers.'

Larsk Juton Says 'Within the bowels of Blackburrow, our scouts have reported seeing the gnoll brewers. You will go and brave the lair of the dogs and slay these brewers in order to cease the flow of Blackburrow Stout. During your mission, should you find any Blackburrow casks, you must return them to me. When you have recovered three of these casks, I shall award you the [Cloak of Jaggedpine].

You Say 'What is the Cloak of Jaggedpine?'

Larsk Juton Says 'The Cloak of Jaggedpine was made for those loyal to the ways of the forest. It is enchanted to increase one's dexterity. It is awarded to those who have aided in our cause to rid the land of those vile dogs called the Sabertooths. Should you earn one, be sure to hold onto it- you never know when we may alter the enchantments placed upon the cloak.'

After Turning in your third Blackburrow Cask

Larsk Juton Says 'Excellent! Ridding the area of those foul beasts will certainly slow down whatever it is they are planning. Here is the Cloak of Jaggedpine. You should keep this, for you never know when we may decide to alter the enchantments on it.'

The casks are found on the Gnoll Master Brewers and "A gnoll brewer" which are a rare spawn at the end of the bottom bridge by the barrels in Blackburrow. The reward is the Cloak of Jaggedpine . He hints that one should hold on to it, because "you may never know when we may alter the enchantments placed upon the cloak."