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Blackburrow Stout Quest

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Original Classic Era (added 1999-2000)
Were you looking for Qeynos Moonstones quest?
Rueppy Kutpurse
Start Zone: Rivervale
Quest Giver: Rueppy Kutpurse
Minimum Level: 1
Classes: All
Related Zones: Misty Thicket
Related NPCs: Gunrich


Small amount of coin, experience



(This part can be skipped.)

Find Rueppy Kutpurse at (-86.66, -204.61, 2.19) in Rivervale, in the back on the ground floor of the Fool's Gold.

Hail her and she asks if you want something to drink. Ask her what she wants to drink and she says how about beer.

After you give her a beer, she says it's good, but not as good as blackburrow stout. (But what is?)

Ask her about Blackburrow Stout and she responds that you can smuggle it. If you then ask her about smuggling and she will ask you if you want a job.

Main Quest

You have to go to the ruins on the other side of the great wall in Misty Thicket, find Gunrich, and tell him that "Dark Rivers Flow East":

The ruins are the undead hill just past the tunnel, to the north.

You say, 'Dark Rivers Flow East'

Gunrich says, 'Heh! Here, here, here. Tell Rueppy hellos from Gunrich. She am so perties. Heh, heh.'

He gives you a Case of Blackburrow Stout. Take the case back to Rueppy Kutpurse and give it to her:

Rueppy Kutpurse says, 'Heh heh! You did it! I thought the deputies would get you for sure! I did it! heh! Here go buy yourself a drink on me.'

You gain experience!! You receive 1 silver, 1 copper pieces.