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Blizzent's Fang

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Velious Release Era (added 2000-2001 March)
Reivaj the Battlerager
Start Zone: Kael Drakkel
Quest Giver: Reivaj the Battlerager
Minimum Level: 46
Classes:  ?
Related Zones: Great Divide
Related NPCs: Blizzent


  • Vehement Sword of Reivaj
    Vehement Sword of Reivaj
    Item 1171.png

    Slot: PRIMARY
    Skill: 2H Slashing Atk Delay: 42
    DMG: 27
    STR: +6 INT: +6
    Effect: Rampage (Combat, Casting Time: Instant) at Level 45
    WT: 10.0 Size: LARGE
    Class: WAR PAL SHD
    Race: ALL


Dialogue is reported broken as of December 2014.

Head to the Iceshard house in Kael and speak to Reivaj:

You say, 'Hail, Reivaj the Battlerager'

Reivaj the Battlerager says 'Greetings. You tread in the halls of Iceshard manor. Are you here with a purpose or are you lost? '

You say, 'I am here with a purpose.'

Reivaj the Battlerager says 'I do not know what purpose you would serve to the Kromrif. If you seek to amass a fortune you have come to the wrong man. I am but a simple battlerager, wielding my blade for the Iceshard brothers when needed. '

You say, 'What is a battlerager?'

Reivaj the Battlerager says 'Yes, I am a warrior who thrives on battle. I have great faith in Rallos Zek and I call upon his power to make me more efficient in battle. I am not like the foolish berserkers. They howl like animals and create strange totems. They simply unleash their anger upon the world whereas I focus and destroy my foes with the aid of Rallos Zek. '

You say, 'I worship Rallos Zek'

Reivaj the Battlerager says 'The great war god guides my blade and has helped shape my day to day life... I feel as if there is something greater mapped out for my life than what I have here. '

You say, 'What is the great warlord's plan?'

Reivaj the Battlerager says 'I have been planning to travel forth from Kael Drakkel and destroy any Coldain who have spread from their safe home in Thurgadin. It is always a nice trip, I will take several of the elder

Kromrif with me as well. Perhaps we will track down the elusive wurm, Blizzent. '

You say, 'Who is Blizzent?'

Reivaj the Battlerager says 'Blizzent is an ancient ice wurm Vorken speaks of occasionally. If I remember the story correctly, Blizzent once bit Vorken and Klaggen and has had a desire to have another taste. I have never seen the wurm myself. He may not even be alive still. If I were able to slay Blizzent and retrieve proof of it, I could probably get in good with master Vorken. '

The wurm Reivaj speaks of is Blizzent, a 45th level wurm in the Great Divide. Find it and kill it, and loot "Blizzent's Fang."

Hand the fang in to Reivaj and receive your reward.

Need all dialogues, faction hits if any, minimum faction required to get quest, /loc of quest mobs.