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Blood Ink

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Kunark Release Era (added 2000)
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War Historian Kobl
Start Zone: East Cabilis
Quest Giver: War Historian Kobl
Minimum Level: 8
Classes:  ?
Related Zones: Swamp of No Hope
Related NPCs:  ?


  • Unknown


War Historian Kobl in the Warrior guild.

'Hail, War Historian Kobl'

He gives this info when hailed:

"You have come to learn? Have you not? I have knowledge of importance to young warriors of the Legion. Or perhaps you are a scribe seeking my [unique writing materials]."

When asked about unique writing materials he says:

"You must be a scribe of sorts? Always glad to assist a talented yourth. I make two things unique to Cabilis and important to any future master scribe. I can create [Blood Ink] and [Illweed Parchment]."

On blood ink:

"If Blood Ink is what you seek then only I can provide it. I use a unique blend prepared in my secret method. I can supply you with a vial of Blood Ink, but first you must fetch me four ingredients. I need globules of blood from certain creatures. I need globules from the carnivorous plants, the leeches, and the mosquitoes. I also need globules from the blood pit of the Tower of Death. Bring me these and be quick, or the blood shall disintegrate."

Need all dialogues (these are badly copied transcriptions), current faction hits, quest mobs and their /locs, quest items, rewards if any.