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Blue Hawk's

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Blue Hawk's, Erudin
Blue Hawk's, bar

Blue Hawk's is the only bonafide tavern in the city of Erudin. Luckily it's just a stones throw away from the library, so Erudite scholars need not go far for a little extra something to get the wisdom flowing. It's also the very first building you'll pass upon entering the city from Toxxulia so visitors won't have to look long either.

The interior certainly holds true to Erudin's extravagance and pizzazz with it's luxurious carpeted floor, matching embossment around the counter, and a quite finely dressed duo behind the bar. There's also a brew kettle conveniently located just inside, and even a stationed guard to keep the premises secure (or perhaps he's there just doing a little brewing himself).

The bartenders are infact the owners of the establishment,Geoard BlueHawk and Helia BlueHawk. Geoard is one of only two individuals in all land who offer Vasty Deep Ale, brewed with the purest water in all of Norrath. Some even say it's magical. Outside of East Freeport, Geoard is also the only one with a supply of Innoruuk's Kiss of Death. Helia offers a selection of recipe books and baking supplies, as well as a wide variety of trinkets pawned off by adventurers passing through.

One peculiar aspect of this tavern however is the lack of seating or really any furniture at all. For such a large room, the scarceness is immediately apparent upon entering the front door. There's even an upstairs area which is also completely empty.

City: Erudin
NPCs: Geoard BlueHawk, Helia BlueHawk, Phloatin Highbrow, Sentinel Venci
Tradeskill Facilities: Brew Barrel
Related Quests: Rogue Redemption, Shondo and the Tonic, Vasty Deep Water
Notable Drinks: Vasty Deep Ale, Innoruuk's Kiss of Death

Blue Hawk's, brew kettle
Blue Hawk's, upstairs room