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Bone Chips Kaladim

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For the overview of the many bone chips quests, see Bone Chips Quests.
Gunlok Jure
Start Zone: North Kaladim
Quest Giver: Gunlok Jure
Minimum Level: 1+
Classes: All
Related Zones: None
Related NPCs: a decaying skeleton



  • Experience
  • Minor Items

Note: Doing this quest about 100 times will take your faction from scowling to warmly.


Note: You must have at least indifferent faction to do this quest.

Find Gunlok Jure in the Paladin guild hall.

You say, 'Hail, Gunlok Jure'

Gunlok Jure says 'Hail, _____! Bow before the greatness of the Clerics of Underfoot! It is good to be a paladin in such an order as ours - to fight the good fight and defend Kaladim from the evil and undead. If you be a paladin, then I pray you find the [courage to battle the undead].'

You say, 'I have the courage to battle the undead'

Gunlok Jure says 'Yes!! To battle the undead is our greatest call. There has been a rise in the number of dwarven skeletons seen in the Butcherblocks. If you are a true member of this order, I shall reward you for the return of four bone chips. We shall defend our land from evil!'

Turn in four Bone Chips, unstacked.

Gunlok Jure says 'You have done well. We thank you for your deed with this humble reward. The power behind the raising of our dead shall soon be found. You will earn more respect with more bone chips. I only wish you could assist in the return of the [remains of Cromil].'

You will receive a random minor item, some silver, and some copper.

Exp Gain

Wood Elf Druid (0% Exp penalty)

Level Exp per turn in (Rough Average) Sample size (Number of runs)
1 11% 1
2 11% 10
3 11% 9
4 11% 7
5 11% 10
6 8.72% 12
7 6.26% 15
8 4.7% 20
9 3.625% 12
10 2.57% 7
11 2.42% 7

Example Exp/Plat Rewards

As a dwarf paladin (keep in mind hybrid exp penalty)

Turned in guild note - gave about 5% exp Amount required to ding:

Level 3 - 3 stacks + 12
Level 4 - 5 stacks + 8
Level 5 - 7 stacks + 4
Significant dropoff here. 11%+ previously, now 7-8%
Level 6 - 9 stacks + 16
(5-6% per turn in)
Level 7 - 13 stacks + 12
(3-4% per turn in)
Level 8 - 19 stacks
(Still 3-4%)
Level 9 - 26 stacks
Level 9 + 88% - 34 stacks
(around 2% per turn in at this point)

Also returned ~ 25 plat in patchwork armor/rusty weapons/etc.