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Brell Serilis Symbol Quests

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Bronlor Lightblade
Start Zone: South Kaladim
Quest Giver: Bronlor Lightblade
Minimum Level: 12
Classes: Cleric
Deity: Brell Serilis
Related Zones: Butcherblock Mountains
Related NPCs: an enraged goblin


  • Initiate Symbol of Brell Serilis
    Initiate Symbol of Brell Serilis
    Item 566.png

    Slot: NECK
    AC: 3
    WIS: +1 MANA: +3
    Effect: Strengthen (Must Equip, Casting Time: 4.0)
    WT: 0.1 Size: TINY
    Class: CLR
    Race: DWF GNM
    Deity: Brell Serilis

  • Disciple Symbol of Brell Serilis
    Disciple Symbol of Brell Serilis
    Item 566.png

    Slot: NECK
    AC: 5
    STA: +1 WIS: +2 MANA: +7
    Effect: Summon Holy Ale of Brell (Must Equip, Casting Time: 4.0) at Level 5
    WT: 0.1 Size: TINY
    Class: CLR
    Race: DWF GNM
    Deity: Brell Serilis

Initiate Symbol of Brell Serilis

You say, 'Hail, Bronlor Lightblade'

Bronlor Lightblade says 'Allo dere, how does ye fare today? Are ye a priest of the great Brell Serilis? If ye are not I mean nothin against yar but I am on a mission to administer guidance to a holy priest of milord Brell Serilis.'

You say, 'I am a priest'

Bronlor Lightblade says 'Well now were talkin. I think if ye have been doing well in your training then ye will be ready to assist me in with the problem we been havin with those dern good fer nothin [green rascals].

You say, 'What green rascals?'

Bronlor Lightblade says 'Well of course I be talkin bout dose goblins that have tried to storm our front gates fer some time. I reckon dey are up to no good sense I hear dey just be a few from a well trained horde of goblin invaders that are planning an attack me thinks. Will ye [help] us in finding and slaying these [goblins]?

You say, 'I will help you find and slay the goblins'

Bronlor Lightblade says 'Dats great to hear! To prove to me that you have found and slain these beasts bring four sets of the beads that dey carry around their necks. I don't know much about dem but id reckon dey have set up camp close bye ere. The night watch that haulted the first attack by these goblins described the fighting style to be of the highest goblin caliber. I hope this helps, good luck to ye.'

Now head out to ButcherBlock and find location -300, +1100. This is a cove between the goblin warrior camp and the yellow skeleton tower near the Crossroads region. Three enraged goblins spawn there. They always drop an [[Enraged Goblin Beads] and appear to be on the same spawn timer as everything else in the zone.

Collect four Beads and return them to Bronlor Lightblade:

Bronlor Lightblade says 'I knew that I was able to trust ye to help me rid the land of these nasty goblins! The Bloodforge Brigade salutes ye. Ye will be well known in our city for being the young one that helped rid our mountains of these goblins. Please take this as a Symbol of your devotion to your faith and your God and return to me when ye are ready for yer next task.'

You gain experience!!

Discipline Symbol of Brell Serilis

After completing the Initiate Symbol of Brell quest:

You say, 'What about my next task?'

Bronlor Lightblade says, 'Ah ye are ready fer yer task are ya ______. I must say dat I am quite impressed with the excellent job dat ya did taking care of those strong goblins. Ok well ye came for yer task so here it tis. I need to get this note to me friend Taldrik, however he has told me that he was heading to the Oasis in the Southern Desert of Ro. That place is the finest in Norrath for sum relaxin time. Although I would love to go myself but I'm afraid I hab many duties to uphold here. Will you [deliver] my not to Taldrik?'

You say, 'I will deliver the note.'

Bronlor Lightblade says, 'Fantastic ______! I knew that ye would be able to help me. Please take this note to Taldrik, wherever he may be and be sure to give him his favorite [drinks] or he may be very grumpy.'

You receive a Note to Taldrik.

You say, 'What drinks?'

Bronlor Lightblade says 'Oh yes of course. Taldrik's favorites if I can remember correctly be Elven wine, Freeport stout and of course Dwarven ale! Bring these drinks to him with your note and after ye tell him you are sent from muh to continue your training i'm shure he will warm up to ye fer sure.'

Travel to the Oasis of Marr where Taldrik can be found in the very southwest part of the zone. Give him the Freeport Stout, Elven Wine, Dwarven Ale, and the note from Bronlor.

Taldrik Stumpystout says 'Ah ha! So ye are Bronlor's chosen aye? Well den these fine brews can only mean one thing! Yep its dat youre a drinker like meh! Arg, if I only had me recipe.'

You say, 'What recipe?'

Taldrik Stumpystout says 'Well ya see lad I had an ancient recipe passed down to me that told one how to create the holiest of ale. Its far gone now, however I recently had a vision of the ingredients and where they might be found. Do you wish to seek out the components for me?'

You say, 'I will seek the components.'

Taldrik Stumpystout says 'Excellent lad! Let meh see here if I can remember correctly. I know that you need to Preserved hops and a Battleworn canteen. I know that these were carried by my good friend Torklar back when I was still a young lad in training like you. However one day he adventured to an undead estate with a friend of his that was a very skilled brewer. I believe they went there in search of some ingredients they needed for a recipe however neither of them ever returned. But before you go any further I must tell ye that you will need a specific kind of cask to combine these items in.'

You say, 'What specific kind of cask?'

Taldrik Stumpystout says 'Why a holy cask is what ye will need of course! Find the ingredients that I asked you for before and combine them within this holy cask along with barley from the forests of Kithicor and water summoned from none other than yourself. After doing this if the gods have smiled upon you a thick and hearty Keg of Brells Blessed Stout will be created. Give this to me along with a Rat sandwich to enjoy while I sip the finest of ales as well as your Initiate symbol that you carry now and I will be sure to reward you.'

You receive a Holy Cask. Combine the items in the cask to craft a Keg of Brells Blessed Stout. Give him A Keg of Brells Blessed Stout, a Rat Sandwich, and your Initiate Symbol of Brell Serilis.

Taldrik Stumpystout says 'Ye are a true Priest of Brell Serillis! And ye make me both proud and happy to have met ye so that I could enjoy this sweet drink once again! Please take this Initiate Symbol of Brell Serillis which will I have crafted to enable you to turn water into this blessed ale for you have truly earned it!'

You receive Disciple Symbol of Brell Serilis.