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Broken Skull Clan

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Broken Skull is the fading remnants of the founding Clan of the trolls on Antonica. The legendary troll hero, Nalikor - chosen by the dragon, Trakanon, to wield the "Flaming Sword of Nalikor" - led his 'people' from Kunark and landed on Broken Skull Rock. This rock is seen on the game map as off the coast from the Greenblood River, and is actually the island where the Temple of Cazic Thule now stands in ruin surrounded by the Greenblood River within Feerott.

Nalikor's body and sword was entombed on the rock, by his fellow clansmen. According to Trakanon, as told to Edril the ElfLord, the sword combined with Edril's pendant and the 'treasures' of the lich Miragul would enable one to achieve demigod status. None have yet to be recovered, if they even exist.

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