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The Brontotherium only spawn in the Western Wastes.


Long since vanished from other parts of Norrath, brontotheriums live in the far off Western Wastes of icy Velious, protected behind the stronghold of the dragons of the Claws of Vesshan.

The brontotherium is a large quadruped animal reminiscent of a rhinoceros, with two curved horns rising form its snout, almost like a fork. Heavy hide, thicker and tougher than any armor, covers and protects the brontotherium from the harsh climate and from predators. It stands on four powerful, short, stout legs that provide it with great stability and surprisingly quick movement.

As herbivores, brontotheriums actually live off the meager vegetation that grows under the snow and ice or at the edges of the waters of the Western Wastes. What few trees and shrubs grow in these lands also provide occasional meals.

The brontotherium's double horn, developed for digging through many feet of ice, is also a fearsome weapon when used to defend itself or its young. Male brontotheriums will sometimes fight over territory, but never to the death.

Velium hounds have been known to gather in packs and try to bring down a weak or young bronotherium, though even then they are rarely successful.


Western Wastes

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