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Burnished Wooden Staff Quest

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Kunark Hole/VP Era (added June 2000)
Ssolet Dnaas
Start Zone: Warsliks Woods
Quest Giver: Ssolet Dnaas
Minimum Level: 45
Classes: All
Related Zones: Chardok
Related NPCs: a Reanimated Berserker, a Reanimated Conscript,a Reanimated Partisan, a Tortured Iksar Miner



Ssolet Dnaas may be found at +4015, +390 on a small island in Warsliks Woods. He is aggro to non-Iksar, so you may have to charm him to do this.

5/5/18 - Worked with an indifferent con in Skeleton/Lich.

You say, 'Hail, Ssolet Dnaas'

Ssolet Dnaas says 'Greetingss, ______. Unlesss you bring closssure to my ssearch, leave me while I contemplate thingss.'

You say, 'What search?'

Ssolet Dnaas says 'My sssearch. I have been ssent out by my massster to find an item. A burnished wooden sstaff. I know not why and I do not quessstion. I know not where thiss item is found. I musst have one though. Ssssss. If you can find one for me I will give you a trinket.'

A Burnished Wooden Stave is a random drop from sarnak mobs (reanimated mobs, after the revamp) in Chardok. Give one to Ssolet.

Ssolet Dnaas says 'Sssss. Thisss is what I need. You have my thanksss. Please, take thiss. I know not what it iss for but maybe you will find a ussse for it.'

You receive a Piece of a Medallion (identifies as "Top shard of the Obulus Medallion").

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