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Burynai Grand Cenobite

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Burynai grand cenobite
Burynai grand cenobite
Race: ?
Class: Unknown
Level: 35-38
Zone: Frontier Mountains
Location: ?
AC: ?
HP: ? (?)
Damage per hit: ? - ?
Attacks per round: ? (?%)
Special: ?


Description needed.


Burynai are a race of large, vicious, badger-like humanoids who plumb the depths of Norrath's ruins in search of necromantic lore. These rotund bipedal creatures have heads very much like that of a badger. They also have large claws on their arms and feet that they use like a badger to tunnel through soft earth. Burynai are covered in a variety of fur colors, ranging from solids to stripes, in black, reds, browns, and whites. They commonly dress in outfits or armor made from leather and bone, with dome-like helmets designed to accommodate their snouts.

Burynai society devotes itself to the darker aspects of the Duke of Below, Brell Serilis. The burynai believe that by digging in the ground they will find treasure Brell has left for them and that this treasure will make them strong. Someday, they will uncover the power that will allow them to fulfill the fate that Brell has for them, a fate that most burynai legends describe as a manifest destiny for the burynai to take over all of Norrath, both above and below ground.

Burynai all have some necromantic skill and rise in stature and power by finding necromantic treasures or lore in the ground. Many ruins of Norrath's ancient civilizations are frequented if not inhabited by burynai excavators.

Burynai divide their land into "digs" of various sizes and shapes, each "dig" being controlled by a burynai rockshaper. In turn, a number of "digs" are ruled over by one burynai digmaster, thereby forming a feudalistic society

Burynai have a fascination with anything in the ground including bone. Many burynai follow the path of the necromancer or shadow knight. Burynai also use this fascination in their crafts, with many burynai wearing bone armor and wielding weapons of enchanted bone. Burynai also work with leather, often giving their leather items minor enchantments.

Burynai speak their own language. Yet since they do not get along with any other race, they refuse to speak any language from the “lesser” races, except when giving commands to a race they have enslaved. Burynai read a great deal of other languages, especially elder tongues, as they continue their search for great artifacts.

Known Loot

  • Belt of the Cenobite
    Belt of the Cenobite
    Item 938.png

    Slot: WAIST
    AC: 5
    WIS: +7
    SV COLD: +10
    WT: 1.5 Size: SMALL



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Opposing Factions

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Related Quests

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