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Category:Karana Worshiper Equipment

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Items in this category are only usable by worshipers of Karana.

Karana Jewelry is made from Imbued Plains Pebbles and gives negative Str, positive Sta and Wis. There is no non-imbued Plains Pebble Jewelry.

There are no symbols available for Karana.

Human Cultural Karana armor will give 156AC +8Sta +26Dex +52Wis as a full set with 2 bracers.

Halfling Cultural Karana armor has 2 different versions

Studded leather will give 76AC +27Sta +18Wis as a full set with 2 bracers.
Reinforced leather will give 90AC +27Sta +18Wis as a full set with 2 bracers.