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Cazic Thule Alligator Alley

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Class(es): Druid
Levels: 32-39
Zone: Cazic Thule


After the Cazic Thule Alligator Pit has become green at 32, druids can continue their alligator-charming ways at the nearby Alligator Alley, up through level 35 (or even 39 with pretty good XP). The "alley" is easy to get to from the pit itself: simply swim up through the pit to reach it.

Alligator Hall From Pit.png

The Alley

The alley itself offers basically the same thing as the pit, just a few levels higher and without the need for Enduring Breath. The alligators all appear grouped in duos or trios, so you'll want to use Harmony to split them. The one exception is the the first alligator you see when you come out of the pit: it can be attacked while it is near the pit without agroing the two nearby alligators (or any in the pit itself).

To get started:

  1. Superior Camouflage from the zone-in up through pit
  2. Either root or charm the first alligator. If you plan to charm it you may want to Ensnare it first so that if you break charm it won't have a chance to run.
  3. Harmony the next two alligators, pull one and have it fight your pet
  4. Keep charm fighting your way down the hallway.
  5. When you get to the end of the alley be careful moving back or else alligators might respawn on top of you.

If you have a (popular for charm-breaking) Goblin Gazughi Ring you can use it for instant mana-free invisibility in the alley.

Alligator Hall.png