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Charmed Pet Gear

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Here is a list of some of the items to buy for your charmed pets. You can kill your charmed pet when you are done with him to loot your items back.

BEWARE: If your pet dies while it is charmed, his corpse will poof and your items will be GONE FOREVER!


Negative Resist Gear

Lowers charmed pets resists

Negative Magic Resist

Increases charm duration and reduces resist rate on charm

Adamantite Band = HP: +75, SV MAGIC: -10. 100pp

Rusty Spiked Shoulderpads = AC: 3, STR: +5, SV MAGIC: -10.50-100pp

Tome of the Eternal = INT: +10, SV DISEASE: -10, SV MAGIC: -10.100-200pp

Riptide Spear = SV MAGIC: -5

Cheap Proc Weapons

Cheap Weapons that proc


Procs that have a stun

Gnoll Hide Lariat = Stun for 4.0 seconds up to level 55. 10-20pp

Ykeshan War Club = Decrease Hitpoints by 75 , Stun for 0.0 seconds. 100-200pp

Dragon Horn Ykesha = Decrease Hitpoints by 75 , Stun for 0.0 seconds. 100-200pp


Procs that do damage

Deadwood Stave = Steal Hitpoints by 39 (L12) to 45 (L18). 20-40pp

Summoned: Sword of Runes = Decrease Hitpoints by 35 (L5) to 41 (L11)*SUMMONED NPCS ONLY*, Lvl 29 magician can summon.

Cheap Haste Items

Items that give the pet haste

Summoned: Muzzle of Mardu = Haste: +11% , Lvl 56 magician can summon.