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Charmed Pet Gear

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Here is a list of some of the items to buy for your charmed pets. You can kill your charmed pet when you are done with him to loot your items back.

BEWARE: If your pet dies while it is charmed, his corpse will poof and your items will be GONE FOREVER!


Negative Magic Resist Gear

See category: Negative MR

Lowers charmed pets resists; increasing charm duration and reducing resist rate on charm

Adamantite Band = HP: +75, SV MAGIC: -10. 100pp

Rusty Spiked Shoulderpads = AC: 3, STR: +5, SV MAGIC: -10.50-100pp

Tome of the Eternal = INT: +10, SV DISEASE: -10, SV MAGIC: -10.100-200pp

Riptide Spear = SV MAGIC: -5

Cheap Proc Weapons

Cheap Weapons that proc


Procs that have a stun

Gnoll Hide Lariat = Stun for 4.0 seconds up to level 55. 10-20pp

Ykeshan War Club = Decrease Hitpoints by 75 , Stun for 0.0 seconds. 100-200pp

Dragon Horn Ykesha = Decrease Hitpoints by 75 , Stun for 0.0 seconds. 100-200pp


Procs that do damage

Deadwood Stave = Steal Hitpoints by 39 (L12) to 45 (L18). 20-40pp

Summoned: Sword of Runes = Decrease Hitpoints by 35 (L5) to 41 (L11)*SUMMONED NPCS ONLY*, Lvl 29 magician can summon.

Cheap Haste Items

Items that give the pet haste

Summoned: Muzzle of Mardu = Haste: +11% , Lvl 56 magician can summon.