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Classic Merchant Guide

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The purpose of this guide is to list merchant NPCs who will buy and sell items (outside cities, or generally faction neutral). The merchants are in a sortable table that includes the zone and location, among other things. Use the guide to help find a merchant in less traveled areas or to find one that sells particular items when you are far from a main city. The guide is particularly useful to hated races who can often have trouble finding a vendor they can sell to.

Please add merchants as you come across them. Notes should include key items a vendor sells like class spells, specific trade skill items, or food and drink, it's location or common info about the merchant.

Greedy Merchants

A "Greedy" vendor is one who buys at half the price and sells at double.

Zone Name Location Alignment/Faction Description Notes
East Commonlands A Shady Swashbuckler (-1677, -141) Neutral Human Well-Balanced Weapons; Food; Located in the tunnel
West Commonlands Noresa Sparkle (-701, 268) Neutral Human Gems; Located in hut
North Freeport Aimie Moonspin (-54, -246)  ? Human ...
Greater Faydark Merchant Ueaas (-85, 601)  ? Wood Elf ...
North Qeynos Tubal Weaver (216, 94)  ? Human ...

Old World

Zone Name Location Alignment/Faction Description Notes
Kerra Isle Melixis (519, 179) Neutral Kerra Merchant Sells alchemy ingredients, food, water
Lavastorm Mountains Tisiana (480, 446) Neutral Druid Merchant Sells level 49 druid spells
South Ro Smith Tv`ysa (93, 487)  ? Dark Elf Merchant Throwing knives
South Ro Merchant Ulyssa (128, 495)  ? Dark Elf Merchant Pottery supplies
South Ro Artist Passia (160, 444)  ? Dark Elf Merchant Various crafting templates
South Ro Rathmana Allin (1210, 1402) Neutral Erudite Merchant Food, water, bandages, malachite
Southern Karana Krak Windchaser  ? Good? Aviak Merchant Will not sell to Ogre
Southern Karana Ulan Meadowgreen (126, -2177) Neutral or Centaur? Centaur Merchant Sells fletching supplies
Steamfont Mountains Crisyn (-1750, 1655) Neutral Druid Merchant Able to sell to as a Troll
Toxxulia Forest Martyn Firechaser (1042, -361) Neutral Druid Merchant Sells Druid portal spells
West Freeport Toxdil (631, 200) Neutral? Dark Elf Merchant In the entrance to underground; Can sell to as a Troll and Ogre
West Freeport Ping Fuzzlecutter (-269, 535) Good Gnome Merchant In the West Freeport noob zone
West Freeport Boomba the Big (-24, -32) Good Ogre Merchant Before the West Freeport noob zone
West Karana Analya (-4030, -2494) Neutral Barbarian Shaman spell merchant No faction; Sells Shaman charm and pet spells


The only non greedy vendors in kunark are the dwarf in loio, the innkeeper in TD, iksar faction vendors, and FV outpost vendors.

Zone Name Location Alignment/Faction Description Notes
Lake of Ill Omen Nubs Blackgranite Windmill  ? ... ...
Timorous Deep Innkeeper Name?  ?  ? ... ...