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Clue (Guild)

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Clue is one of the largest guilds on server. Currently our min level requirement is 50. There are no raid attendance requirements but there are usually 3-4 raids a week. Our main goal is to have fun and look good doing it. As we are an international guild we aim to provide events for our members across the timezones. We strive to make the game fun for everyone. The only rule in guild is be nice to others. Loot is designated via good old fashion /random. We believe that applications are for jobs and not games. So if you would like to be a member sign up at the forums then send a tell for an invite. Leadership

  • Pooh (Leader)
  • Dontlet (Recruitment/Raid Leader)
  • Billius (Complaints/Recruitment)
  • Zeraldi (Recruitment/Raid Leader)


All 50+ Classes Welcome especially tanks.

Please message Pooh, Billius, Dontlet, or Zeraldi in Game !!

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