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Clue (Guild)

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Clue is one of the oldest running (primarily US-based) guilds on server. Our primary goal is to have fun and be there for each other, to make the game beneficial for every member regardless of rank or seniority. The only real rules we have are to be kind and respectful to your fellow guild members, and no politics or similarly inflammatory topics in guild chat or discord.

Loot is handled via good old fashion /random 5000, but there may be the rare time where the overall performance and capability of the guild will require an item be delegated to a specific member. e.g. a main tank warrior needs a major breastplate upgrade or a gnarled staff from Venril Sathir going to our oldest and most contributing wizard over a newer member, etc.

We believe that applications and attendance requirements are for jobs, not video games, and that authoritarianism in the officers and leadership is detrimental to interpersonal relations. While players of all levels are welcome, most raids have a minimum level requirement of 50 - ceiling aggro in Hate introduces problems with lower levels, for example.

We do Plane of Sky every week on Sunday at 5:30pm CST / GMT-6


  • Pooh ("Leader" / Mascot)
  • Bvmmey / Esperi
  • Billius
  • Schweet (aka Igotu)

Officers Seegore Venturah / Glipton and more to be added.


All classes welcome, especially warrior tanks, clerics, rogues*, and shamans. Please message Billius, Schweet, Bvmmey/Esperi, or any other Clue member who can point you towards the countless alts we, or any other officers, might be playing at the time.