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Clurg's Revenge

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Start Zone: Oggok
Quest Giver: Clurg
Minimum Level: 14
Classes: All
Related Zones: Neriak Foreign Quarter
Related NPCs: Pungla



Clurg the bartender doesn't like that someone in Neriak is imitating his drinks, and wants you to deal with her.

Her name is Pungla and you can finder her standing at the bar in the PVP area in the foreign quarter of Neriak. She hits a LOT harder then her level indicates. At 18 she is blue, however, she is very fast and hits hard.

If you ask her about the "Flaming Pungla" she acts scared.

WARNING: This quest SERIOUSLY lowers your faction with the Dark Bargainers in Neriak. Also, Clurg won't give you the quest until you have raised your faction with the Craknek Warriors and Green Blood Knights, and with Chef Dooga. (See Lizard Meat, Lizard Meat No 2, Lizard Tails, and Lizard Tails No 2 quests).


You say, 'Hail, Clurg'

Clurg says 'Hello, friend. Have a drink. I have some [unique drinks]. Try one. And remember. You get rowdy, the [Bouncers] crush you.'

You say, 'Bouncers?'

Clurg says 'The Bouncers were organized by me. As I traveled to many of the world's taverns I encountered great enforcers called bouncers. It was their duty to keep order amongst chaos. When I returned and rose to greatness after the creation of the [Flaming Clurg], I organized the Oggok Bouncers to keep order amongst the [rival guilds].'

You say, 'Flaming Clurg?'

Clurg says 'The Flaming Clurg was my greatest creation. It brought me great respect in Oggok. Unfortunately, I have heard tales of an [imposter drink].'

You say, 'Imposter drink?'

Clurg says 'I have heard there is a barkeep who dares to sell a similar drink in Neriak's Foreign Quarter. I have put a price on his head. Anyone who returns with his head shall be greatly rewarded.'

Head over to Neriak Foreign Quarter to the area where Trolls and Ogres inhabit. Pungla set up shop next to the PVP arena. Kill, loot head, then return to Clurg:

Clurg says, 'Haha! He [sic: Pungla is female] shall mix no more Flaming Pungla's! I shall drink from his rotting skull tonight. As for you, take this and call it yours. Consider yourself a friend of Clurg.'