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Corrupt Guards (Cleric version)

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Jemoz Lerkarson
Start Zone: North Freeport
Quest Giver: Jemoz Lerkarson (loc: 59, 350, -27.81)
Minimum Level: 10
Classes: Cleric
Related Zones: East Freeport
Related NPCs: Captain Hazran


  • Random cleric spell scroll


The Clerics Guild also has a beef with the corrupt Freeport Militia. Jemoz Lerkarson wants you to return damaged militia helms to him.

If your faction is high enough, after returning the helm, he will tell you to build up your strength so that you can destroy the [true organizer]. If you ask him who the true organizer is, he will tell you that it is Captain Hazran, and ask you to slay him and bring him his head.

If you can manage to get a group together and kill Hazran and return his head to Jemoz, you will receive a random spell scroll, a minor reward considering how hard it is to kill him.

You say, 'Hail, Jemoz Lerkarson ' Jemoz Lerkarson says, 'Bless you, my friend! We always welcome new converts into our Hall of Truth. The righteous army of the twin deities must assemble. The battle draws near. The blessings of the Truthbringer are passed to all who are [devoted to truth].'

You say, 'I am devoted to truth.'

Jemoz Lerkarson says, 'May the hand of Marr shield you from harm. Welcome to our world. The war begins here in Freeport. The [fallen knight] has masked the truth from the world, but he cannot mask his evil from the Truthbringer. He once followed our ways. Now he is our enemy and yours. We must end his rule. We must [crush the Freeport Militia]!'

You say, 'I will crush the Freeport Militia.'

Jemoz Lerkarson says, 'Our goal is to end their rule. To retake our city in the name of Marr. Let it begin with their blood!! Slay the militia!! They have no souls and hail from the back alleys and prison cells of darkness and depravity. Thieves and murderers, nothing more. Slay any you can and, as proof, return their militia helms to me. We shall see what bounty you deserve.'

Upon handing him a Damaged Militia Helm:

Jemoz Lerkarson says, 'Excellent! You have begun to show your devotion to the Truthbringer. But, only the most fervent of followers dare confront the [true organizer] of the militia, however.'

You gain experience!!

Experience gain is negligible (less than 1%) at level 6.

You feel a little better.

You say, 'Who is the true organizer?'

Jemoz Lerkarson says, 'Captain Hazran, he is the true organizer of the militia. Slay him and bring me his head as final evidence of your devotion to Truth. But be warned, he is very cunning and it would not be wise to confront him alone.'