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Cougarskin Sleeves Quest

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Velious Release Era (added 2000-2001 March)
Ergrez Shortpaw
Start Zone: Iceclad Ocean
Quest Giver: Ergrez Shortpaw
Minimum Level: 30
Classes: All except pure casters Druid
Related Zones: Iceclad Ocean, Eastern Wastes
Related NPCs: cougars, walrus


  • Cougarskin Sleeves
    Cougarskin Sleeves
    Item 634.png

    Slot: ARMS
    AC: 6
    DEX: +3 STA: +3 WIS: +3
    WT: 1.0 Size: SMALL
    Class: ALL except NEC WIZ MAG ENC
    Race: ALL


Ergrez will make you a pair of Cougarskin Sleeves if you bring him a Low Quality Cougarskin and Fatty Walrus Meat.

  • The skin is a random drop from various snow cougars, including named, in the Eastern Wastes and Iceclad Ocean.
  • Fatty Walrus Meat is a random drop from various walrus in Eastern Wastes, Cobalt Scar or Siren's Grotto.


Ergrez Shortpaw works at skinning and cleaning the raw furs around him.

You say, 'Are you skinning those?'

Ergrez Shortpaw says 'Yes. I take skin of animal that hunters catch and make into things. Very important, very big job for clan.'

You say, 'Why is it important?'

Ergrez Shortpaw says 'Is important because I make all the clothes, armor, bags, hut covers, and more. Life much harder for clan if I not here to clean and cure skins. Not many have knowledge anymore.'

You say, 'What armor?'

Ergrez Shortpaw says 'Many armors. All of animal hides from the islands. If you wanting armor then I can make for you. All I ask is you do me favor.'

You say, 'What favor?'

Ergrez Shortpaw says 'Snowfangs in need of much help lately. Once we mighty but now weak. You help us get stronger. If you want armor of wolves or cougar then I need you bring twice as many materials. For each thing you wanting I need thing. Just tell me what furs you have and I tell you what I need.'

You say, 'I have a Low Quality Cougarskin.'

Ergrez Shortpaw says 'More cat skin. You bring more meat but this time bring fatty walrus meat. Many gnolls need for winter fat. Keeps gnolls healthy.'

Hand him 1 Low Quality Cougarskin and 1 Fatty Walrus Meat.

Ergrez Shortpaw works with the fur for awhile by skinning it and sewing it.