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Crushbone Belts

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Original Classic Era (added 1999-2000)
For the overview of the many orc belt quests, see Orc Belt Quests.
Canloe Nusback
Start Zone: South Kaladim
Quest Giver: Canloe Nusback
Minimum Level: 1+
Classes: All
Related Zones: Greater Faydark, Crushbone
Related NPCs:


  • Small coin, Newbie armor


Players often will buy Crushbone Belts for ~3pp per belt.

  • Be careful not to be handing in belts while other players are doing the same. Often Canloe will take both sets of belts and not reward any experience, faction, or items.
  • Always hand in two or four at a time. Turning in one at a time was fine
  • As an iksar necro, my parser counted 600+ rep gains by killing orcs till I hit threatening with storm guard. 100ish more and you will be dubious and can do this quest.


Canloe Nusback of the Kaladim Warrior's Guild requires Crushbone belts to be handed in 2 or 4 at a time. Crushbone belts drop commonly off of Orc Centurion's in Crushbone.

Canloe Nusback may be found at -20, +535 in the Warrior's Guild. Note: This quest lowers faction with ogre warriors.

You say, 'Hail, Canloe Nusback'

Canloe Nusback says 'Step forward and speak up, young ______! Kaladim can always use another warrior. Are you [ready to serve Kaladim] or has a yellow streak appeared down your back?'

You say, 'I am ready to serve Kaladim.'

Canloe Nusback says 'Then serve you shall. Let your training begin on the battlefields of Faydwer. Seek out and destroy all [Crushbone orcs]. Return their belts to me. I shall also reward you for every two orc legionnaire shoulder pads returned. A warrior great enough to slay one legionnaire shall surely have no problem with another. Go, and let the cleansing of Faydwer begin.'

You say, 'What Crushbone orcs?'

Canloe Nusback says 'The army of the Crushbone orcs is deadly indeed. They are great military strategists. It was a legion of them that brought down the great [Trondle Ogrebane]. Speak with Furtog Ogrebane about the Crushbones. He has need of warriors such as you.'

You say, 'Who is Trondle Ogrebane?'

Canloe Nusback says 'Trondle Ogrebane is the legendary dwarven warrior who single-handedly exterminated the ogre clan called the [Mudtoes]. He was recently killed in battle. It took an entire legion of Crushbone orcs to bring him down. Furtog is still fuming about that.'

You say, 'Who are the Mudtoes?'

Canloe Nusback says 'The Mudtoes were a small clan of ogres. They lived somewhere in the Butcherblock Mountains. They had an insatiable appetite for dwarves. They were finally destroyed by the hand of Trondle Ogrebane.'

Crushbone Belts drop from orc centurions around Faydwer. Hand one in:

You gain experience!!

Canloe Nusback says 'Good work, warrior! Now continue with your training. Only on the battlefield can one become a great warrior.'

Exp Gain

Wood Elf Druid (0% Exp penalty)

Level Exp per turn in (Rough Average) Sample size (Number of runs)
5 and Under 11% 10
6 10-11% 10
7 7-8% 9
9 4.41% 12
10 3.55% 20
11 2.83% 12