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Crustacean Shell Armor Quest

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Velious Release Era (added 2000-01 March)
Qarrgy Scallopgobbler
Start Zone: Cobalt Scar
Quest Giver: Qarrgy Scallopgobbler
Minimum Level: 50
Classes:  ?
Related Zones:
Related NPCs:


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Qarrgy Scallopgobbler sets down several large crustacean shells covered in foreign runes, then extends his large, coarse hands in a gesture of friendship. 'I am pleased to see friendly visitors to our villages. I am the head craftsman of the village. The crustacean shell armor worn by the warriors of our village was crafted by me and by my apprentices. I will craft other materials as well when they are available.'

You say, 'what crustacean shell armor'

Qarrgy Scallopgobbler says 'It takes awhile to make each piece. It has to go through a long burning process to clean away all old meat and dirt. Then it needs shaping and etching with runes.

You say, 'what burning process'

Qarrgy Scallopgobbler says 'Usually I use a mixture made from the livers of barraccudas. Their liquids are very strong and make good burning liquid. If you want some you need to bring me two barraccuda livers.

The reward when you turn in the livers is a vial of acid. It may be that there is a way to use this to make the armor yourself.