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Death of Lyda Nasin

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Tani N`Mar
Start Zone: Neriak Third Gate
Quest Giver: Tani N`Mar
Minimum Level: 4
Classes: Bard, Rogue, Shadow Knight
Related Zones: East Freeport
Related NPCs: Giz Dinree, Lyda Nasin


  • Cinctured Whip
    Cinctured Whip
    Item 596.png

    Skill: Piercing Atk Delay: 30
    DMG: 5 AC: 2
    WT: 5.0 Size: MEDIUM
    Class: SHD BRD ROG
    Race: ALL except HIE


You say 'Hail, Tani N'Mar'

Tani N`Mar says 'Greetings! You must be a stranger or [new to the Hall]. If you are a stranger, be warned that these halls are intended for the Ebon Mask only. If you are found to be a member of another house, you just may feel the sting of a blade in your back.'

You say 'I am new to the Hall.'

Tani N`Mar says 'Then I am glad to make your acquaintance. Have you ever been to Freeport? If not, how would you like to go? It is a test of your cunning we wish. Are you prepared to risk your young life? Are you [ready to venture to Freeport]?'

You say 'I am ready to venture to Freeport.'

Tani N`Mar says 'Find a way to the port of Freeport. Seek out Giz Dinree. She is usually near the shores at night. She is your contact. Tell her you were [sent by Tani]. She will fill you in on your mission. Good luck. Do not waste your time practicing your skills. Go as you are.'

Giz Dinree used to be found around the corner to the right of the docks, by the shark '-374.91,-1083.97'

You say 'Hail, Giz Dinree'

Giz Dinree says 'Excuse me! I came here in hopes of being alone!'

You say 'Tani sent me'

Giz Dinree says 'You're a new rogue, then! Your mission is to kill the young daughter of the owner of the Seafarer's Roost. Wait for the right time. Why? You don't need to know. Do it and return Lyda's head to Tani in Neriak. I hope you can make it back to Neriak alive. Good hunting!'

Lyda Nasin was a spawn with a PH, second floor of the Seafarer's Roost. (Where is she now? /loc?)

You have slain Lyda Nasin!

Lyda Nasin's corpse says 'The good people of this city will know of this. They will strike back at you!'

--You have looted Human Head--

Hand the head in to Tani N`Mar back in the rogues guild in Neriak.

Tani N`Mar says 'Good work! I knew you could prove your worth. Most waste time training. I do not reward those who waste my time. Please take this. It is from our horde, from countless robberies. I hope you can use it to advance yourself. Remember to always stay faithful to Neriak.'

You gain experience!!

You receive 8 silver from Tani N`Mar.