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Skill Defense

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Defense improves your survivability by increasing your AC.


Defense Cap Per Level

For the cloth casters, it appeared for their Defense skill up to level 10:

Defense(max) = ((level x 4) + 5)

since my three casters had Defense = 45 at level 10. But from what I have gathered since a few have experienced into higher levels, the Defense skill drops to three points per level gain. That is, level 11 = 48, level 12 = 51, level 13 = 54, level 14 = 57. But since the maximum of all maximum is 145, three per level does not evenly divide into (145 - 45) = 100.

Anybody have any insight, especially at higher levels? Does it reach a point to dropping to two points per level, down to one?

So far, this is consistent with my experience as a cloth caster:

Level Defense Cap
10 45
15 60
20 75
25 90
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