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Di'Zok Signet of Service Quest

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Herald Telcha
Start Zone: Chardok
Quest Giver: Herald Telcha
Minimum Level: 51
Classes: All
Related Zones: Temple of Droga
Related NPCs: Kunark Goblins


  • Di'Zok Signet of Service
    Di'Zok Signet of Service
    Item 1045.png

    Slot: FINGERS
    AC: 2
    CHA: +1 WIS: +1 INT: +1
    HP: +65 MANA: +45
    WT: 0.1 Size: SMALL
    Class: ALL
    Race: ALL


NOTE: The first step in these quests is getting the faction. It takes 3900 hits from max KoS to ally. If you have never taken hits to the Di`Zok faction (never killed sarnaks) it will take much less time. An agnostic Dark Elf magician will get to dubious (non KOS) status with 309 hits (specifically 62 salts and 72 skins). One goblin killed is +1 faction. Turning in 2 salts or 1 skin into Herald Telcha at the Chardok entrance is a +3 adjustment. The faction adjustment for killing Warlord Skargus is +300.

In order to get the first ring, you need warmly faction with Brood of Di'Zok and to have attained 51st level. Faction can be increased by killing the appropriate mobs, and/or by these hand-ins:

NOTE: You can turn in salts and skins while KOS to the Herald.

You say, 'Hail, Herald Telcha'

Herald Telcha says 'Hail to you, lesser being! It is good to see you seeking the enlightenment and satisfaction that can only come from serving the Sarnak! Experience for yourself the joy of fealty to our Lord the Overking Bathezid Dizok! I am Telcha, lesser apprentice sub-herald in training to the Court of Dizok and I stand ready to welcome those who would serve our noble Overking. Are you here to [aid] us?

You say, 'I will aid the Sarnak'

Herald Telcha says 'Ah, so good of you to strive to improve yourself! So often members of your pathetic lesser races plod along in ignorance, unaware of the most Noble empire of the Dizok. Enough though of the chit-chat, as Im sure you are most eager to make yourself useful! Before you may enter our worthy city and be looked upon as a valuable servant, you must prove your worth to our [cause].

You say, 'What cause?'

Herald Telcha says 'The first task I shall set you is the slaying of goblins! Ooh, how very heroic you must feel to finally have a worthy goal guiding your previously menial existance! Yes, go forth from here and journey to Droga, stronghold of our enemies. Slay the warriors and menials of the Mountain Death Clan, bring havoc to their homes. Return to me with proof of your deeds, to raise in your standing with the Dizok. Bring me [tokens] of many dead goblins, and one day you shall walk among us.

You say, 'What tokens?'

Herald Telcha says 'As proof of your deeds I shall require either 2 Mountain Death mineral salts, or a patch of green goblin skin. Bring me many of these, as you bring destruction on the goblin city, and I shall speak to my superiors of your efforts on our behalf. Do enough for our cause, and I shall reward you directly. Return to me later and remind me that you serve the Sarnak, and I may have a ring for you if you are worthy.

Hand Herald Telcha a Green Goblin Skin:

Herald Telcha says 'Green Goblin Skin! You have indeed been busy! I shall speak to my masters of this, continue your good work and return to me with more skins.

Hand Herald Telcha two Mt. Death Mineral Salts:

Herald Telcha says 'Ah, most excellent! You are sure to be more highly valued as our servant once I speak to my masters of this! Mountain Death Mineral Salts, they shall grace the Overkings table this very night! Be off, minion! Fetch us some more salts to prove your value!

Once you have sufficient faction:

You say to Herald Telcha, 'I serve the sarnak'

At dubious faction:

Herald Telcha says 'Away with you! I am the herald of the Dizok Overking, here to greet the servants of my master. If you would walk within our city, go forth and prove yourself our ally by slaying our goblin enemies! Advance into our city at your own peril, as our soldiers regard you as a foe!

At kindly faction:

Herald Telcha says 'You have not yet done enough service for the Sarnak Collective, and my Dizok Masters. Return to me when you have done more, and I may reward you with a ring of service.'

At warmly faction, below level 50:

Herald Telcha says 'What to do, what to do.. You've served the Di'zok well, young one but you are not yet experienced enough to wear the Signet of the Di'zok. Come back when you've seen a bit more of the world, and the ring shall be yours.

At warmly faction, above level 50 (To get the ring): You say, 'I serve the sarnak'

Herald Telcha says 'Indeed you do my friend, indeed you do! Walk among us in safety, wear this ring as a symbol of your service to our cause. Continue your efforts in our war on the goblins, and your rewards shall increase. Return to me your ring, along with the head of the Drogan Warlord Skargus, and I'll give you an even greater badge of honor. Good day to you, servant of the Sarnak. '

You receive the first ring: Di'Zok Signet of Service. The quest continues further to obtain a second ring, see Regal Band of Bathezid Quest.