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Dismal Rage

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Within an abandoned warehouse in the slums of East Freeport can be found an entrance to the dark underground. Here, followers of the Prince of Hate gather under the name Dismal Rage. This unholy alliance is led by six guildmasters. Venox Tarkog Leads the Clerics, Konious Eranon the Enchanters, Heneva Jexsped the Magicians, Opal Darkbriar the Necromancers, Pietro Zarn the Shadow Knights, and Nexvok Thirod the Wizards. The Dismal Rage openly oppose the Knights of Truth in North Freeport, and support the Opal Dark Briar Faction. Opal Darkbiar has her hands in many things evil going on in Freeport, and her relationship to the Arcane Scientists as the wizard guildmaster makes people wonder if there are two Opal Darkbiars, which may be her plan.

Zones in which you can raise the faction Zones in which you can lower the faction
Quests you can do to raise the faction Quests you can do to lower the faction
Mobs you can kill to raise the faction Mobs you can kill to lower the faction