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Does Not Exist

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Contents may contain items, mobs or formulas that do not exist in the Project 1999 Timelines.

Template Documentation

This template is for use on any article that is non-classic content. Wiki code usage: {{:Does Not Exist}}

Alternate usage:

  • {{DNE}}
  • {{Luclin Era}}

It would be helpful for people if content that was not in game and never going to be in game had a clear indication of that. It may help people transitioning from the live servers or EQMac to p1999. They might search for an article, not find what they were looking for, and think the wiki was incomplete, even though it is excluded on purpose.

We should not actively make non p99 content. But in the cases where:

  • non-classic mobs that are in classic zones
  • non-classic items that drop from classic mobs
  • non-classic quests that start in classic zones
  • etc

Adding Does Not Exist to commonly searched for non-p99 content would give people more confidence in the search results.

A list of these pages are found in Category:Non-P99 Content.