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  • The only doppelganger pre-Luclin is Venril Sathir


Venril Sathir was the leader of the Iksar Empire who united the 5 tribes and brought them together to conquer most of the continent of Kunark.

To cheat death Venril Sathir had his essence put into a jewel. His heir Rile Sathir discarded of the jewel and seized power.

Their rising power eventually attracted the attention of the Lords of the Ring of Scale (read: the Dragons of Veeshan's Peak). It was the mighty Trakanon who took it upon himself to wreak war upon the Iksar Empire. The leader of the Ring of Scale Jaled'Dar cast down his grandson Ganak Sathir.

Venril Sathir has been resurrected and now focuses on regaining the Iksar throne from his stronghold in Karnor's Castle.


Karnor's Castle

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