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Drolvarg Teeth

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Captain Nealith
Start Zone: Firiona Vie
Quest Giver: Captain Nealith
Minimum Level: 27
Classes: All (Good Races)
Related Zones: Dalnir, Dreadlands, Firiona Vie
Related NPCs: A Drolvarg Growler, A Drolvarg Savage, A drolvarg scavenger, A Drolvarg Snarler, A Kly Acolyte, A coerced Teir`Dal


  • Experience
  • Elven Trail Mix
    Elven Trail Mix
    Item 1145.png

    This is a hearty meal!
    WT: 0.6 Size: SMALL
    Class: ALL
    Race: ALL


  • 0 - 0 Platinums
  • 2 - 9 Golds
  • 6 - 9 Silvers
  • 13 - 13 Coppers


Captain Nealith may be found at -3900, +2600.

You say, 'Hail, Captain Nealith'

Captain Nealith says 'Hail, adventurer!! Stand tall and fight for the forest folk and all good races of Norrath. We shall claim this land for the kingdom of Thex! My warriors shall not fail. Already we patrol deep in the wilds of Kunark. We welcome all mercenaries and urge adventurers to [join the defense of the outpost].'

You say, 'I will join the defense of the outpost.'

Captain Nealith says 'I salute you!! Join the hunt. Reports from the front line indicate a rise in the drolvarg population. Abandon your fear and slay these beasts for the greater good. Already, they have taken far too many lives, even my sibling's!! I shall pay you your wages upon the return of four drolvarg teeth.'

Collect A Canine (identifies as "Drolvarg Tooth") from drolvargs in various zones. Hand in all four:

Captain Nealith will say on a canine turn in one thru three "Good work, but you will have to slay more than this to earn your wages."

Upon Turning in your fourth a canine

Captain Nealith tosses the teeth into a very large cask full of similar teeth. 'Fine work, ______. I wish all my own troops showed the same tenacity. I salute you. This will keep you well fed during your long patrols. Use your wages to better equip yourself. Continue the fight!! The General is pleased.'

You gain experience!!

Experience Table

[p1999] The experience given is 1 full blue (4%) at level 38, as a human race.

[p1999] I received just about (1/2 a dot under) a blue at level 39 as a wood elf druid (8/17/18)

[p1999] Teeth were still giving ~3 per turn in at 41. (8/25/18)

[p1999] Still 3% at 44 Iksar Monk(9/24/18)

[p1999] 40 canines good for 21% exp as a 44 IKS MNK (12/28/18)

[p1999] 8 canines good for 3% exp as a 45 BAR SHM (7/7/20)

[p1999] 4 canines good for 2% exp as a 40 HFL DRU (24/8/20)

[p1999] 4 canines good for 4% exp as a 36 DEF WIZ (26/8/20)

[p1999] 20 canines gave 3.5% exp as a 53 HEF BRD (11/20/2020)

[p1999] 100 canines good for 8% exp (40% of a yellow) as a 56 HFL DRU (12/11/20) on green after the hotfix where they added quest exp back for the first time since Kunark dropped. Est between 20k - 25k exp per canine.

[p1999] 180 canines gave 10% exp (1/2 of a yellow) as a 59 Wood Elf DRU (12/28/20) on green after the hotfix where they added quest exp back for the first time since Kunark dropped.