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Druids are disciples of the wilds, following the teachings of the Norrathian gods of nature. Druids are primarily a magic-using class, with the ability to wear leather armor and wield blunt weapons and scimitars.

Druidic magic takes many forms, allowing the druid to fill a wide variety of roles when in a group or adventuring alone. Druids possess fair healing abilities, powerful health regenerative spells, valuable enhancements that improve the health and armor of their group, and at max level considerable mana regenerative spells.

Offensively, druids are versatile. They have access to fire and cold-based damage spells, a selection of disease and swarm spells that damage their enemies over time, powerful banishment spells focused upon unnaturally summoned creatures, and spells to charm animals. Druids also gain some of the best travel spells, including the ability to speed up their group's movement and teleport their group to distant regions.

Druids are a well-rounded class, prospering in both solo and grouped situations. An experienced druid is able to adventure alone, but is equally at home in a group. The druid is an excellent class for players who enjoy a variety of play styles and options. Druids make one of the best starting characters in EQ due to their amazing ability to make money via teleports, item farming and quad killing giants. Unfortunately they pay for this later as Shaman slowly begin to outshine them in nearly every aspect.

Class Titles

Level 1-50 Level 51-54 Level 55-59 Level 60
Druid Wanderer Preserver Hierophant

Creation Guide

Picking the Right Race

Wood Elves are one of the two best races for druids. They lean towards being heavily mana based with good starting wisdom, and the best agility of all the races. They get infravision, and also a native ability to forage. Wood elves also have the ability to hide, though it doesn't raise beyond a minimal level in skill.

Half-Elves are more melee based. They aren't strong stat wise and are probably the weakest race overall in the druid class. Half-Elves also get infravision.

Halflings are the most popular druid race. Halflings trade off their intelligence and charisma for higher strength and stamina. Besides the added bonus of having hairy feet, Halflings also possess infravision and basic hiding and sneak skills. Halflings level slightly faster than other druid races (+5%), but they also consume more food/drink.

The Human is the most well rounded character. Human druids can be quite a competent and balanced character. Their low agility and lack of night-sight however makes them a more burdensome character to play compared to other races.

Starting Statistics


Spending Your Bonus Points

Here are our suggested allocations of your bonus points at creation:

  • Wood Elf: Add 25 to Wisdom, 5 to Agility.
  • Half Elf: Add 25 to Wisdom, 5 to Agility.
  • Halfling: Add 25 to Wisdom, 5 to Agility.
  • Human: Add 25 to Wisdom, 5 to Agility.

However, a more realistic allocation of these points in P1999 would be:

  • Wood Elf: Add 25 to Wisdom, 5 to Stamina.
  • Half Elf: Add 25 to Wisdom, 5 to Stamina.
  • Halfling: Add 25 to Wisdom, 5 to Stamina.
  • Human: Add 25 to Wisdom, 5 to Stamina.

Also you can spent those 5 points into STR if you wish to carry more loot, but in general Stamina = More hitpoints, important for low lvls (Where druids do melee decently). Also a lot of the druid Equipment does not grant Stamina. Also note that druids can buff STR considerably, as well as port to bank very easily, so being encumbered is usually not an issue.


Religion does not play an overly important role to Druids. There are a few which they can select from, and the only impact they will have is later in relation to religion only items released later in the game. At this point, however, its normally better as Druid to pick Tunare or Karana instead of agnostic though, in order to wear our cultural armor, which is not bad. More specifically Tunare for Gloves of Earthcrafting and Warden Symbol of Tunare


Alternative Spell List

(work in progress)

Levels 1 to 29 || Levels 34 to 49 || Levels 50 to 60

Level 1

Spell NameSpell DescriptionEraClassLocationMana
Burst of FlameFire based Direct Damage Evo.Vendor.7
Dance of the FirefliesSummons a globe of light Con.Vendor.10
Endure FireIncrease resistance to Fire Abj.Vendor.20
Flame LickDamage over Time with Armor Class Debuff Evo.Vendor.10
Lull AnimalDecreases an animal's aggro range Alt.Vendor.10
Minor HealingHeals damage done to the target Alt.Vendor.10
Panic AnimalForces an animal to run away in terror Alt.Vendor.10
Sense AnimalsMakes the caster face the closest Animal Div.Vendor.5
Skin like WoodIncrease targets hitpoints and AC Abj.Vendor.10
SnareSlows the movement rate of target Alt.Vendor.15

Level 5

Spell NameSpell DescriptionEraClassLocationMana
Burst of FireFire based Direct Damage Evo.Vendor.15
CamouflageTurns target player invisible Div.Vendor.15
Cure DiseaseCures Disease Alt.Vendor.20
Cure PoisonCures poison Alt.Vendor.20
GateTeleports caster to their bind point Alt.Vendor.70
Grasping RootsDirect Damage with Root Alt.Vendor.35
HarmonyArea effect Calm spell Abj.Vendor.25
Invoke LightningArea Effect Direct Damage Evo.Vendor.32
Ward SummonedDirect Damage vs Summoned Evo.Vendor.30
Whirling WindDirect Damage with Stun Con.Vendor.24

Level 9

Spell NameSpell DescriptionEraClassLocationMana
Endure ColdIncrease resistance to Cold Abj.Vendor.20
Enduring BreathAllows breathing underwater Alt.Vendor.35
FirefistIncrease ATK of caster Evo.Vendor.30
IgniteFire based Direct Damage Evo.Vendor.30
Invisibility versus AnimalsTarget becomes invisible to Animals Div.Vendor.30
Light HealingHeals damage done to the target Alt.Vendor.25
Shield of ThistlesGives the target a damage shield Abj.Vendor.40
StarshineSummons a globe of light Con.Vendor.50
Strength of EarthIncrease strength of the target Alt.Vendor.40
ThistlecoatSelf only Damage shield and AC Abj.Vendor.25
TreeformTurns the caster into a tree Alt.Vendor.30

Level 14

Spell NameSpell DescriptionEraClassLocationMana
Befriend AnimalCharm animal into pet (Temporary) Alt.Vendor.70
Bind AffinityBinds target player character Alt.Vendor.100
Cascade of HailCold based Area Rain Spell Evo.Vendor.62
Expulse SummonedDirect Damage vs. Summoned Evo.Vendor.60
Halo of LightSummons a Headband lightsource Con.Vendor.40
InvigorReplenishes target's stamina Alt.Vendor.20
LevitateLevitates the target above the ground Alt.Vendor.30
See InvisibleAllows the target to see invisible Div.Vendor.25
Skin like RockIncreases target's hitpoints and AC Abj.Vendor.60
Spirit of WolfIncreases movement rate of the target. Alt.Vendor.40
Stinging SwarmMagic-based Damage over Time Con.Vendor.65
Summon DrinkSummons a flask of water Con.Vendor.10
Summon FoodSummons a loaf of bread Con.Vendor.10

Level 19

Spell NameSpell DescriptionEraClassLocationMana
BarbcoatSelf Only AC and Damage shield Abj.Vendor.50
Calm AnimalDecreases an animal's aggro range Alt.Vendor.45
Cancel MagicAttempts to remove a buff or effect Abj.Vendor.30
Careless LightningMagic based Direct Damage Evo.Vendor.70
Dizzying WindDirect Damage with Stun Con.N.Karana.80
Endure DiseaseIncrease resistance to Disease Abj.Vendor.20
Endure PoisonIncrease resistance to Poison Abj.Vendor.20
Feral SpiritIncrease pets attack speed and stats Alt.Vendor.50
HealingHeals damage done to the target Alt.Vendor.60
Ring of ButcherTeleports you to Butcher Block Alt.W.Commons.150
Ring of CommonsTeleports you to West Commonlands Alt.W.Commons.150
Ring of KaranaTeleports you to North Karana Alt.W.Commons.150
Ring of ToxxuliaTeleports you to Toxxulia Forest Alt.W.Commons.150
Shield of BarbsGives the target a damage shield Abj.N.Karana.60
Superior CamouflageRemoves the target from visible sight. Div.Vendor.40
Terrorize AnimalMakes an animal run away in terror Alt.Vendor.30

Level 24

Spell NameSpell DescriptionEraClassLocationMana
Charm AnimalsCharm animal into pet (Temporary) Alt.Vendor.120
Creeping CrudMagic based Damage over Time Con.N.Karana.100
Dismiss SummonedDirect Damage vs Summoned Evo.Vendor.90
Ensnaring RootsDirect Damage with Root Alt.Vendor.60
PogonipArea Effect Cold based Rain spell Evo.N.Karana.125
Resist FireIncreases resistance to Fire Abj.Vendor.50
Ring of FeerrottTeleports you to the Feerott Alt.W.Commons.150
Ring of LavastormTeleports you to Lavastorm Alt.W.Commons.150
Ring of RoTeleports you to South Ro Alt.W.Commons.150
Ring of SteamfontTeleports you to Steamfont Alt.W.Commons.150
Ring of the CombinesSelf only gate to Dreadlands.Vel.Alt.Vendor.150
Scale of WolfIncreases movement rate of the targetKun.Alt.Vendor.60
Skin like SteelIncrease targets hitpoints and AC Abj.Vendor.100
Spirit of CheetahIncreases the casters movement rate Alt.Vendor.20
SunbeamArea Effect Blindness Div.N.Karana.40
TremorArea effect Point blank Direct Damage Evo.Vendor.200
Wolf FormTurns the caster into a wolf Alt.Vendor.60

Level 29

Spell NameSpell DescriptionEraClassLocationMana
Beguile PlantsCharm a Plant Alt.Beguile Plants Quest.170
BramblecoatSelf Only AC and Damage shield Abj.Vendor.75
Circle of ButcherTeleports your group to Butcher Block Alt.Toxxulia.300
Circle of CommonsTeleports your group to West Commonlands Alt.Toxxulia.300
Circle of KaranaTeleports your group to North Karana Alt.Toxxulia.300
Circle of ToxxuliaTeleports your group to Toxxulia Forest Alt.Toxxulia.300
Counteract DiseaseUpgraded Cure Disease Alt.Vendor.50
Counteract PoisonUpgraded Poison Cure Alt.Vendor.50
EnsnareReduces movement rate of the target Alt.Vendor.35
Extinguish FatigueFull stamina restoration Alt.Vendor.35
Greater HealingHeals damage to the target Alt.Vendor.150
Imbue EmeraldImbue an Emerald (Deity: Tunare) Abj.Felwithe.200
Imbue Plains PebbleImbue a Foraged Plains Pebble (Deity: Karana) Abj.N.Karana.200
ImmolateDamage over Time with Debuff Evo.Vendor.120
Ring of MistyTeleports you to Misty Thicket Alt.W.Commons.150
Shield of BramblesGives the target a damage shield Abj.Vendor.80
Succor: EastEvacuates the group to East Karana Alt.Toxxulia.300
CombustFire based Direct Damage Evo.Steamfont.110

Level 34

Spell NameSpell DescriptionEraClassLocationMana
Beguile AnimalsCharm animal into pet (Temporary) Alt.Vendor.170
Circle of FeerrottTeleports your group to the Feerott Alt.Toxxulia.300
Circle of IcecladGroup Gate to Iceclad on VeliousVel.Alt.Vendor.300
Circle of LavastormTeleports your group to Lavastorm Alt.Toxxulia.300
Circle of RoTeleports your group to South Ro Alt.Toxxulia.300
Circle of SteamfontTeleports your group to Steamfont Alt.Toxxulia.300
Circle of the CombinesTeleports your group to the DreadlandsKun.Alt.Vendor.300
Drones of DoomMagic based Damage over Time Con.Vendor.141
EarthquakeArea Effect Point Blank Direct Damage Evo.Vendor.375
Endure MagicIncrease resistance to Magic Abj.Vendor.40
Expel SummonedDirect Damage vs Summoned Evo.Vendor.130
Fury of AirSingle Target Magic Based Direct Damage & Stun (Max: 250)Vel.Evo.Vendor.150
Greater Wolf FormTurns the caster into a wolf Alt.Vendor.90
Lightning StrikeArea effect Direct Damage Evo.Steamfont.149
RegenerationIncreases regeneration of the target Alt.Steamfont.100
Resist ColdIncrease resistance to Cold Abj.Vendor.50
Ring of Great DivideSelf Only Gate to Great Divide.Vel.Alt.Wak. Lands150
Ring of IcecladSelf Only Gate to Iceclad on VeliousVel.Alt.Vendor.150
Strength of StoneIncrease strength of the target Alt.Steamfont.65
Succor: ButcherEvacuates your group to Butcherblock Alt.Toxxulia.300

Level 39

Spell NameSpell DescriptionEraClassLocationMana
AvalancheCold based Area 'Rain' spell Evo.Vendor.200
Circle of Great DivideGroup Gate to Great Divide on VeliousVel.Alt.Wak. Lands.300
Circle of MistyTeleports your group to Misty Thicket Alt.Vendor.300
Enveloping RootsDirect Damage with Root Alt.Vendor.80
FirestrikeFire based Direct Damage Evo.Vendor.155
Pack RegenerationIncrease regeneration of the group Alt.Butcher.200
Pack SpiritIncreases movement rate of the group Alt.Vendor.120
Ring of Cobalt ScarSelf Only Gate to Cobalt Scar.Vel.Alt.Wak. Lands150
Ring of Wakening LandsSelf Only Gate to the Wakening Lands.Vel.Alt.Wak. Lands150
Ro's Fiery SunderingSingle Target AC & Fire Resistance DebuffVel.Alt.NPC Drop50
Share Wolf FormTurns your group into a pack of wolves Alt.Vendor.120
Shield of SpikesGives the target a damage shield Abj.Vendor.100
Skin Like DiamondIncreases targets hitpoints and AC Abj.Vendor.200
SpikecoatSelf Only AC and Damage shield Abj.Butcher.110
Succor: RoEvacuates the group to South Ro Alt.Toxxulia.300
Wind of the NorthEvacuates the group to Skyfire MountainsKun.Alt.Firiona Vie.300
Wind of the SouthEvacuates the group to the Emerald JungleKun.Alt.Firiona Vie.300

Level 44

Spell NameSpell DescriptionEraClassLocationMana
Allure of the WildCharm animal into pet (Temporary) Alt.Vendor.220
Banish SummonedDirect Damage vs Summoned Evo.Vendor.225
CalefactionFire Based Direct Damage Evo.Vendor.250
ChloroplastIncrease targets hitpoint Regeneration Alt.Vendor.200
Circle of Cobalt ScarGroup Gate to Cobalt Scar on VeliousVel.Alt.Wak. Lands.300
Circle of Wakening LandsGroup Gate to Wakening Lands.Vel.Alt.Vendor.300
Drifting DeathMagic based Damage over Time Con.Butcher.200
Fixation of RoSingle Target AC & ATK DebuffVel.Alt.NPC Drop.100
Form of the Great WolfTurns the caster into a wolf Alt.Vendor.135
Nullify MagicSingle Target Magic Effect Debuffer Abj.Vendor.50
Resist DiseaseIncreases resistance to disease Abj.Vendor.50
Resist PoisonIncreases resistance to Poison Abj.Vendor.50
Savage SpiritIncreases pets attack speed and stats Alt.Vendor.100
Storm StrengthIncreases strength of the target Alt.Vendor.85
Succor: LavastormEvacuates the group to Lavastorm Alt.Toxxulia.300

Level 49

Spell NameSpell DescriptionEraClassLocationMana
Engulfing RootsDirect Damage with Root Alt.Lavastorm.100
FireArea Fire based Direct Damage Evo.Lavastorm.260
IceCold based Direct Damage Evo.Lavastorm.250
Lightning BlastArea effect Direct Damage Evo.Lavastorm.234
Pack ChloroplastIncrease regeneration of the group Alt.Lavastorm.400
Resist MagicIncreases resistance to Magic Abj.Lavastorm.85
Shield of ThornsGives the target a damage shield. Abj.Lavastorm.120
Skin Like NatureIncreases targets hitpoints, AC and Regen Abj.Lavastorm.300
StarfireFire based Direct Damage Evo.Lavastorm.250
Succor: NorthEvacuates the group to North Karana Alt.Toxxulia.300
ThorncoatSelf only Damage shield and AC Abj.Lavastorm.175

Level 50

Spell NameSpell DescriptionEraClassLocationMana
Improved Superior CamouflageSelf Only Fixed Duration InvisibilityVel.Alt.NPC Drop.75

Level 51

Spell NameSpell DescriptionEraClassLocationMana
Circle of WinterGroup Resist FireKun.Abj.NPC Drop.150
Legacy of SpikeGroup Damage ShieldKun.Abj.Firiona Vie.300
Repulse AnimalMakes an animal run away in terrorKun.Alt.Firiona Vie.100
Superior HealingHeals damage inflicted on the targetKun.Alt.Vendor.250
UpheavalArea effect Point blank Direct DamageKun.Evo.Quest.625

Level 52

Spell NameSpell DescriptionEraClassLocationMana
Breath of RoDamage over Time with DebuffKun.Evo.Firiona Vie.225
Call of KaranaCharm animal into pet (Temporary)Kun.Alt.Quest.220
Circle of SummerGroup Resist ColdKun.Abj.NPC Drop.150
EgressIntra-Zone Teleport, outside only.Kun.Alt.Quest.500

Level 53

Spell NameSpell DescriptionEraClassLocationMana
Glamour of TunareDecrease Magic resistance of AnimalsKun.Abj.Quest.10
Spirit of ScaleIncrease movement rate of the groupKun.Alt.NPC Drop.150
Winged DeathMagic based Damage over TimeKun.Con.Firiona Vie.300

Level 54

Spell NameSpell DescriptionEraClassLocationMana
BlizzardCold Based Area Rain DamageKun.Evo.NPC Drop.332
Form of the HowlerTurns the caster into a wolfKun.Alt.NPC Drop.100
RegrowthIncrease regeneration of the targetKun.Alt.Firiona Vie.300
ScoriaeFire based Direct DamageKun.Evo.Firiona Vie.250

Level 55

Spell NameSpell DescriptionEraClassLocationMana
Annul MagicUpgrade to Nullify MagicKun.Abj.Vendor.75
ChloroblastSingle Target Heal Spell (Max: 428)Vel.Alt.E. Com.175
Exile SummonedDirect Damage vs SummonedKun.Evo.Firiona Vie.250
Girdle of KaranaIncrease StrengthKun.Alt.NPC Drop.105
Nature Walkers BehestSummon Bear PetVel.Con.NPC Drop.600
Tunare's RequestCharm animal into pet (Temporary)Kun.Alt.NPC Drop.350

Level 56

Spell NameSpell DescriptionEraClassLocationMana
BladecoatSelf Only AC and Damage ShieldKun.Abj.Firiona Vie.235
Breath of KaranaDirect Damage with StunKun.Con.NPC Drop.250
Engorging RootsDirect Damage with RootKun.Alt.Firiona Vie.75
Wake of KaranaStop Rain in ZoneKun.Alt.NPC Drop.400

Level 57

Spell NameSpell DescriptionEraClassLocationMana
Bonds of TunareArea Effect SnareKun.Alt.NPC Drop.115
FrostCold based Direct DamageKun.Evo.NPC Drop.250
NatureskinIncrease target Hitpoint, AC and RegenKun.Abj.Firiona Vie.400
SuccorGroup Intra-Zone EvacuationKun.Alt.NPC Drop.300

Level 58

Spell NameSpell DescriptionEraClassLocationMana
Fist of KaranaArea Effect Direct DamageKun.Evo.NPC Drop.357
Regrowth of the GroveIncrease regeneration of the groupKun.Alt.NPC Drop.600
Shield of BladesGives the target a damage shieldKun.Abj.Firiona Vie.150

Level 59

Spell NameSpell DescriptionEraClassLocationMana
Legacy of ThornGroup Damage ShieldKun.Abj.NPC Drop.350
Spirit of OakTurns the caster into a treeKun.Alt.NPC Drop.25
WildfireFire based Direct DamageKun.Evo.Firiona Vie.320

Level 60

Spell NameSpell DescriptionEraClassLocationMana
BanishmentInstant kill vs SummonedKun.Evo.NPC Drop.500
Entrapping RootsArea Direct Damage with RootKun.Alt.NPC Drop.200
Form of the HunterTurns the caster into a wolfKun.Alt.NPC Drop.150
Mask of the HunterImproves vision and mana regeneration of the casterKun.Alt.NPC Drop.100
Nature's TouchSingle Target Healing Spell (Max: 978)Vel.Alt.E. Com.400
Protection of the GladesGroup AC, HP, Mana Regeneration BuffVel.Abj.NPC Drop.1200

Pet Guide

Pet Information

Pet Guide



Skill Specialization

Casting Skills

Level Trained Skill Cap Until 50 Cap Above 50
1 No Abjuration 235 235
1 No Alteration 235 235
1 No Conjuration 235 235
1 No Divination 235 235
1 No Evocation 235 235
4 No Channelling 200 220
8 Yes Meditate 235 252
30 Yes Specialization 235 235

Combat Skills

Level Trained Skill Cap Until 50 Cap Above 50
1 No 1 Hand Blunt 175 175
1 No 1 Hand Slashing 175 175
1 No 2 Hand Blunt 175 175
1 No Bind Wound 200 200
1 No Defense 200 200
1 No Hand to Hand 75 100
1 No Offense 200 200
15 Yes Dodge 75 75

Miscellaneous Skills

Level Trained Skill Cap Until 50 Cap Above 50
1 No Alcohol Tolerance 200 200
1 No Beg 200 200
1 No Fishing 200 200
1 No Sense Heading 200 200
1 Yes Swimming 200 200
5 Yes Forage 200 200
20 Yes Tracking 125 125

Druid-Specific Quests

Class Race Quest List


Class specific gear suggestions are cross listed on the Gear Reference page.


Players:Pre Planar Gear


Players:Planar Gear


Players:Kunark Gear

Velious Pre-Raid/Group

Players:Velious Pre-Raid Gear

Velious Raiding

Players:Velious Raiding Gear


Q: What should I use at lower levels for a weapon? 1HS, 1HB or 2HB?

A: 1H* is definitely the way to go. Slash or blunt is a preference,(I use blunt personally), but you generally want to stick with the 1H weapons, to keep your other hand free for a +WIS held item, such as; Testament of Vanear [+10WIS], Charred Guardian Shield [+9WIS], or Paw of Opolla [+9WIS].

Q: At what level do druids learn their teleporting spells?

A: The Self-Only teleport spells, or "rings", Are first gained at level 19. The first set allow you to port to : North Karana, West Commonlands, Tox. Forest, Butcherblock Mountains. At level 24, you recieve self only ports to: Steamfont Mountains, Lavastorm Mountains, The Feerrott, South Ro Desert. At Level 29, you recieve the last self only port, to Misty Thicket. The group teleport spells, or "circles", are first gained at level 29. You recieve them in the same order as the self only ports, with the addition of Circle of the Combines, (Dreadlands) at 34, and Wind of the North(Skyfire Mountains) at 39, along with Wind of the South(Emerald Jungle), also at 39.

Q: What am I? What role do I play? I don't know if we are casters with good ATK and AC or casting tanks with low AC and poor attack, and no disciplines.

A: A druid is a caster who at low level (under 20) can melee decently.

The AC is good but the ATK power never gets anywhere near a Tank/Hybrid's. All the melee types get double attack and/or dual wield, whereas we, don't. After level 20 you are a caster. Use your Damage over Time spells, Direct Damage spells, Healing, Snare, and Damage Shields. You are a utility caster who can do almost anything average but nothing very well; That is the bane of the druid but hey, druids get teleports too.

Q: How do I know how much Mana Wisdom gives me?

A: As a druid you gain .21 more Mana per Wisdom(MpW for short) for every level you have when at or below 200 wisdom. This means that when you are level 10 you get 2.1 MpW and it continues on in a similar pattern for Wisdom totals of 200 or less: 4.2 MpW @ lvl 20, 6.3 MpW @ lvl 30, 8.4 MpW @ lvl 40, 10.5 MpW @ lvl 50, 12.6 MpW @ lvl 60. The exact formula for wisdom of 200 or less is (WIS+10)*level/5. The formula for calculating above Mana at more than 200 wisdom is ( [ 11250 * level ] + [ 33 * WIS * level ] ) / 425.

Q: What is better for my level, + Mana or + Wisdom?

A: Basically, using the above math as a basis, below lvl 25 +Mana will give you stronger returns and have the benefit of being less expensive generally. Once you start leveling into your mid to late 20's the scaling factor of Wisdom will give you much stronger returns. This of course continues until lvl 60, but anything with +Mana in an empty/non-magic equipped slot is definitely a gain.

Q: Druids get Meditate right? What level?

A: Druids learn the meditate skill at level 8, along with all the other priest classes.

Q: In the guide you state that most of a druids best spells are restricted to outdoor areas. Does this mean druids are not wanted in high level dungeon groups? or are worthless in any indoor area?

A: Not at all! Druids can be, and are a valuable part of any dungeon group, especially at higher levels.

At level 39, you really come into your own, as you get your first "pack" spells.(Regen, SoW, Wolf Form). You also get a great damage shield, which hits for 15 points to start, and Skin like Diamond, a great HP/AC buff. While, it is true that our powers are somewhat watered down indoors, we still play a valuable backup healer, buffer, and have those nifty Evac spells everyone just loves.

Q: Do druids begin the game with any spells? If so, which?

A: Druids begin the game with a club and two spells; Skin like Wood and Minor Healing. There are several other level 1 spells which can be bought seperately, and are viewable here.

Q: What do I do with no drop items that I forage or items that appear not to be edible that I forage?

A: Not all nodrop foraged items have quests etc related to them at this point, although there are many that are said to belong to quests. You can save them in case a quest is discovered or destroy them.

Q: Is druid a pure caster?

A: No. A druid is part of the "Priest" line of classes. Our brethren are Shaman and Clerics. We use WIS as our mana base, are able to don better armor. The only downfall to this, is that we learn skills at a later level than the pure casters, and our magic is generally more of a "utility" base.

Q: Where are the druid guild halls located?

A: We have 3 guild halls availible to us. They are located in : Surefall Glade, Kelethin, and Rivervale.

Q: Which Druid Rings are guarded?

A: It is useful to know when teleporting evil races and very low level characters, add a Superior Camouflage to the mix before departure.

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