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Druid Charm Kiting Guide by Angelhawk

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I wanted to create a quick guide for Druids to charm kite animals from level 14-60. I have written down some but I need your help creating a bigger list. I created some rules for adding animals to this list and and here they are:

  • Animals from outside zones only
  • No rare animals
  • Level 12+ animals
  • From places where you can actually kite
  • Once you've charmed an animal, use the spell Flame Lick (Requires Fire Beetle Eye to cast) to hold the Mob agro. Or keep recasting Snare.


Level 14-19

East Karana (EQAtlas with overlay)


Get a port to East Karana and bind at the bridge. Green is the resting zone, Orange is the killing zone. Everywhere you have Orange is where all the animals are. On the North side, charm a blue con animal against a white con one and thorn your pet. Try to keep both at the same level of health. Thorns and maybe a dot at the end should help even the fight if you do this [another option is to let your pet do all the damage while you just manage aggro; experiment with what uses the least mana]. On the South side of the zone you can charm one of the wolfs to fight against the An Undead Reaver.

Level 20-24

Level 25-29

Everfrost Peak - Run and Mammoth Spawns (EQAtlas with overlay)

The map on the right shows a generalized idea of where six mammoth spawns are with each red circle. The green dot represents where the Shaman spell merchant is located which doubles as a place to sell, a safe bind point, and a place to med. The blue path represents my killing path when I do this zone. The mammoths are perfectly grouped in spawns of two to allow you to charm them down and move on to the next one. When I reach the end of the path (near the Hill Giant-model statue), I simply gate back, sell, and med up if needed. At level 28, the mammoths near the merchant should already be respawned long before you gate back.

Since this is a relatively popular killing/farming spot for the level, it's possible to split all six spawns up into three camps. The respawn times aren't too dreadful and it saves you from all the running around you have to do.

Also, another friendly reminded - be wary of the wandering Barbarian NPCs (Tundra Jack) when in wolf form. They WILL bash your face in. Safe hunting! -Leth (06/05/2013)

If a glacier bear is up you can charm him for easy mammoth kills from 28-29.

Note: As of January 2016, the map doesn't seem to reflect the current mammoth spawns on Project 1999.

Level 30-34

Level 35-39

Level 40-44

Level 45-49

This guide used to recommend A Raptor and a Vicious Raptor in Timorous Deep. However, as of the 03/09/2013 patch raptors are no longer considered animals.

Level 50-54

Level 55-60