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Duster Models

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Drekon Vebnebber
Start Zone: Ak'Anon
Quest Giver: Drekon Vebnebber
Minimum Level: 6
Classes: All
Related Zones: None
Related NPCs: Duster V, Duster X, Sanfyrd Featherhead


  • Bootstrutter's Framed Pack
    Bootstrutter's Framed Pack
    Item 565.png

    WT: 2.5 Weight Reduction: 10%
    Capacity: 10 Size Capacity: LARGE


This is sometimes given after you complete the "27 C" part of the Series C Black Boxes quest. It is a very nice quest for this level. If Jogl gives you the 27C.567... note, when you turn it in you will be prompted for Duster Models quest.

Drekon Vebnebber says, 'Oh my!! It seems two of the obsolete duster models were not fully shut down. You must find them. They could be anywhere in Ak'Anon!! After you destroy them, take their scraps to Sanfyrd Montop. He is the operator of the scrapyard.

There are two duster models -- numbers V and X. They are both around level 6 or 7. You must give the proof of their destruction to Sanfyrd Featherhead. He's the guy that's on the other side of the river from the Mines of Malfuntion.

The Duster Model quest is tough because the Dusters appear infrequently and they move around a lot. To make things worse, once you start fighting one, nearby guides, etc will often 'help' you by killing it. Of course it won't leave a corpse then. If you kill a Duster Model, you will get a piece of scrap metal that is lore, no drop. This is what you need for the quest.

Duster V spawns near the receptionist and travels to the pod area and back before despawning. It can sometimes be seen walking down the path through "the wall" just inside the city entrance and around the priest of discord area. At a certain point in his usual path he goes from walk speed to run speed.

Duster X is triggered by your giving the report to Drekon and spawns by the mechanic near the paddlewheel, in the north of map, near entrance to mines. He will path south through tunnel at a run speed. I was able to catch him on my warrior by old fashion strafe running and caught him inside the tunnel before you get to paddlewheel. Kill Duster X and hand both scraps to Sanfyrd Featherhead across from entrance of mines.

Sanfyrd Featherhead says, 'Good. The citizens of Ak'Anon are safe from these little critters. They may have injured someone; that is why they were deactivated. Here is something I found in the scrapyard. I hope you can find a purpose for it.'

Your reward for this is usually either a Forging Hammer or a Bootstrutter's Framed Pack. The pack seems to be the common reward.

Need missing dialogues, current faction hits if any, /loc of quest mobs, list of additional quest rewards.

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