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Enchanters are the most subtle of spell casters, with little focus on doing damage directly but tremendous impact on the world around them. Enchanters are primarily a magic-using class, with the ability to wear cloth armor and wield blunt weapons and daggers.

Enchanters specialize on improving the minds of their allies, with unmatched mana regeneration spells and mental enhancements. Haste spells are also the domain of the enchanter, providing incredible boosts in attack speed for members of their group. Enchanters have many powers of illusion as well, allowing them to take the form of many different creatures and races.

In battle, enchanters are able to bring order to chaotic situations, often saving their group in a fight that would otherwise be lost. Enchanters possess the ability to mesmerize their enemies, temporarily removing them from a battle. Attack slowing spells are also a specialty, dramatically lowering the speed of a monster's attacks for a period of time. In many situations, enchanters can call upon powerful charm spells to subjugate the mind of a monster and command it to do the enchanter's bidding.

Enchanters are a powerful class, but often rely upon a group to reach their full potential. Experienced enchanters thrive in chaotic situations where they can make the most of their offensive abilities. The enchanter is a good choice for players who enjoy playing in groups and like to take charge of challenging situations.

Class Titles

Level 1-50 Level 51-54 Level 55-59 Level 60
Enchanter Illusionist Beguiler Phantasmist

Creation Guide

Picking the right race for your statistics

The first thing you have to pick then is your race. Which race you pick will determine the foundation of you character for the rest of your life in Norrath so it is kind of important you pick one you like. Now in terms of faction, races are generally meaningless to Enchanters. Religion plays a much larger role. Enchanters can become any race they want through their illusion spells, and also have direct faction increasing abilities. So when picking a race you are deciding on one of two reasons: statistics or looks. Personally I think statistics are more important than looks, but looks can go a long way in a game you are going to be playing for a long time.


Spending Your Bonus Points

Enchanters can be a great character with any race, although the most popular two are High Elves and Dark Elves. All Enchanter races level at the same rate.

The subject of where to distribute bonus points is heavily debated among Project 1999 enchanters. The two recommended distributions are either 25 Intelligence, 5 Charisma or 5 Intelligence, 25 Charisma. Those who intend to charm frequently as a solo tactic are advised to distribute their points into Charisma. Enchanters who do not intend to charm will probably see a greater benefit from an increased mana pool. However, enchanters who reach the highest levels will find that gear can easily raise a small mana pool, or boost a low Charisma if they later decide to take up charming. At the lower levels, it is usually easier and cheaper to find items that boost charisma than items that boost intelligence.

Intelligence raises the mana pool of a caster class. The approximate formula for overall mana is [(Level x Intelligence)/5 + gear] for an Intelligence under 200. Charisma primarily impacts Charm duration and the chance to gain aggro on a resisted Lull spell,, with a small benefit to Mez resists and the success rate of Mem blurs.

Velious Era Starting Points (Practical Advice and Min-Max)

The Quick Version

Practical advice, 25 points into CHARISMA every time, every race

Velious raid gear has a lot of INT. CHA and HP are an enchanters two most important stats at all stages of the game. Stamina has low conversion rate to HP for casters.This means maxing out on CHA is always the right call.

Min/Max: 25 point into CHA, 5 into STA
Casual: 25 point into CHA, 5 into INT

The Long version

The only real decision is whether to put 5 points into intelligence or 5 points into stamina. How to decide comes down to whether you'd classify yourself as a "neck beard" ("leg beard" if you're a woman) or "casual scum". Both are terms of endearment here on P99 and the difference between the two groups is self-explanatory. As a hardcore enchanter during the Velious era, you will have 255 intelligence eventually without ever having put any points into it. At which point you'll gripe about it constantly, much to the consternation of your guild-mates who have lives. Don't be that guy/gal. If you look in the mirror and you haven't shaved in a week because you were too busy playing online games, go ahead and put the 5 extra starting points into stamina. Alternatively, if you will almost always have something better to do than sign into Project 1999, you will probably never see any appreciable benefit from 5 extra points of stamina but 5 intelligence will give your mana pool a small boost.

For those still considering not putting 25 points into CHA, let me share a story. This server has been around for years and will probably continue to be for years to come. I started my enchanter casually over 6 years ago. I'm pretty sure I read this exact page when deciding how to spend my starting points. I ended up making a high elf and spending my points 25 INT 5 CHA. Fast forward six years later, my enchanter now has 255 INT unbuffed and I'm so annoyed about not having that extra 20 CHA, I'm editing the wiki page to try and stop others from making the same mistake. I can only hope you won't be in the same situation, because whoever you are, you will do the right thing and spend 25 points into CHA and be grateful that you did... during all stages of the game. Casual scum can stop reading at the end of this paragraph. Go put 25 points into CHA and 5 points into INT. Have fun!

Oh, which enchanter races do I think are best...Order them decsending by charisma. In the event of a tie, compare stamina.


Attention beards of the neck and leg, at level 60 your investment of 5 starting points into stamina will be worth 12hp. To reiterate, for enchanters, stamina is worth 2.4 HP per point at level 60. You may be saying "WHAT?!?!?!" right now but let me explain. All stats you can spend starting points on other than Charisma, Intelligence and Stamina aren't worth worrying about as an enchanter. Strength may let you carry more at lower levels but you will eventually have 100% weight reduction bags and high-end items will give you more strength, you will have max intelligence whether you want it or not if you raid long enough and any AC you gain from agility probably doesn't do anything anyway.

Here is a magelo profile for a min-max high elf with 25cha and 5sta. At the very least it shows why spending points in intelligence is 100% not the min/max approach.

Magelo Blue:Enchanter Min Max

Here is a magelo profile for a min-max human with 25cha and 5sta

Magelo Blue:EnchanterHumanMinMax

If you experiment you will notice you really can't get HP much higher and the sets of gear linked above allow for max self-buffed magic resistance and well as having max int unbuffed... Notice the human profile is 223 sta unbuffed argument can be made for putting the 5 points into AGI and calling it min-max (but I wouldn't for solo reasons) ....An argument can also be made for putting 5 less points into charisma for each configuration. That is, if you will always have a shaman on hand to give you +55CHA (but once again I wouldn't for solo reasons)...

Note spirit wracked cord isn't in the game as of 8/5/2016

Experience Statistics

  • Dark Elf Enchanter: -10%
  • Erudite Enchanter: -10%
  • Gnome Enchanter: -10%
  • High Elf Enchanter: -10%
  • Human Enchanter: -10%

What does it mean?

Certain races and classes require differing amounts of experience points to attain the same level. For example, a Human Enchanter requires 110% of the experience that a Human Cleric would require to be the same level. An Ogre Warrior would require 103.5% of the experience that the Human Cleric would.


Enchanters should, unless they are role-playing, always choose to be agnostic. In some areas your illusion will not be enough to keep you alive. In some areas you will still be Kill on Sight for any number of reasons, though these are very few indeed. If you choose to be agnostic you virtually eliminate the risk of being murdered on a religious background. It may however exclude you from partaking in certain quests at stages during the game (The Ancient Tomes) or from using some items if you have no religion. In many ways the religion system in Everquest is unfathomed, serving only as an overriding faction system.


Level 1

Spell NameSpell DescriptionEraClassLocationMana
LullSingle Target Frenzy Range Debuff Alt.Vendor.10
Minor IllusionSelf Only Morph to Object Div.Vendor.10
Minor ShieldingSelf Only HP and AC Buff Abj.Vendor.10
Pendril's AnimationSummon an Animation Con.Vendor.12
Reclaim EnergyRegain Mana From Your Animation Con.Vendor.5
Shallow BreathSingle Target Magical Direct Damage with Debuff (Max: 5) Alt.Vendor.7
StrengthenSingle Target Strength Buff (Max: 10) Alt.Vendor.10
Taper EnchantmentSingle Target Magic Effect Debuffer Abj.Vendor.5
True NorthSelf Only Navigation Spell Div.Vendor.5
WeakenSingle Target Strength Debuff (Max: 15) Alt.Vendor.8

Level 4

Spell NameSpell DescriptionEraClassLocationMana
Color FluxStuns all Targets Around Caster (4 Secs) Div.Vendor.20
EnfeeblementSingle Target Melee Debuff Alt.Vendor.20
FearSingle Target Fear Spell (18 Secs) Alt.Vendor.40
GateReturn to Your Bind Point Alt.Vendor.70
HazeSingle Target AC Buff (Max: 5) Abj.Vendor.25
Illusion: Half-ElfSelf Only Morph to Half Elf Div.Vendor.10
Illusion: HumanSelf Only Morph to Human Div.Vendor.10
InvisibilitySingle Target Invisibility Spell Div.Vendor.30
Juli's AnimationSummon an Animation Con.Vendor.24
MesmerizeSingle Target Mesmerize Spell (24 Secs) Con.Vendor.20
Suffocating SphereSingle Target Magical Damage over Time with Debuff (34 damage total) Alt.Vendor.20
TashanSingle Target Unresistable Magic Resistance Debuffer (Max: 13) Abj.Vendor.10

Level 8

Spell NameSpell DescriptionEraClassLocationMana
AllianceSelf Only NPC Faction Boost Alt.Vendor.35
Bind SightSee through the targets eyes Div.Vendor.15
Cancel MagicSingle Target Magic Effect Debuffer Abj.Vendor.30
Chaotic FeedbackSingle Target Magical Direct Damage (Max: 48) Evo.Vendor.45
Enchant: SilverEnchant Silver Bar for Jewellery Alt.Neriak.60
Eye of ConfusionSingle Target Blind Spell Alt.Vendor.25
Illusion: GnomeSelf Only Morph to Gnome Div.Vendor.10
Illusion: Wood ElfSelf Only Morph to Wood Elf Div.Vendor.10
Lesser ShieldingSelf Only HP, MR, and AC Buff Abj.Vendor.25
Mircyl's AnimationSummon an Animation Con.HHK.45
RootSingle Target Fast Root Spell (Max: 48 Secs) Alt.Vendor.30
See InvisibleSingle Target Vision Enhancer Div.Vendor.25
SentinelArea Surveillance Spell Div.Vendor.25
SootheSingle Target Frenzy Range Debuff Alt.Vendor.30

Level 12

Spell NameSpell DescriptionEraClassLocationMana
Bind AffinitySet a New Home Point for Target Alt.Vendor.100
CharmSingle Target Random Duration Charm Spell (Level 25 Cap) Alt.Vendor.60
ChokeSingle Target Magical Debuff DoT (Max: 80) Alt.Vendor.50
Ebbing StrengthSingle Target Strength Debuff (Max: 25) Alt.Vendor.35
Enduring BreathAllows Breathing Underwater. Alt.Vendor.35
Illusion: Dark ElfSelf Only Morph to Dark Elf Div.Vendor.30
Illusion: EruditeSelf Only Morph to Erudite Div.Vendor.30
Illusion: HalflingSelf Only Morph to Halfling Div.Erudin.30
Illusion: High ElfSelf Only Morph to High Elf Div.Vendor.30
Kilan's AnimationSummon an Animation Con.HHK.65
Languid PaceSingle Target Slowing Spell (Max: 30%) Alt.Vendor.50
Memory BlurSingle Target Hate Reducer Alt.Vendor.40
MistSingle Target AC Buff (Max: 8) Abj.Vendor.30
Serpent SightSingle Target Infravision Div.Vendor.30
Thicken ManaSummons a Vial of Viscous Mana Div.L.Faydark.200
Whirl Till You HurlSingle Target Distance Stun (Max: 12 Secs) Alt.Vendor.55

Level 16

Spell NameSpell DescriptionEraClassLocationMana
BreezeSingle Target Mana Regeneration Increase( 2 )Kun.Alt.Firiona Vie.
The Overthere.
Chase the MoonSingle Target Fear Spell (36 Secs) Alt.Vendor.70
DisempowerSingle Target Melee Debuff Alt.Vendor.45
Enchant: ElectrumEnchant Electrum Bar for Jewellery Alt.Neriak.75
EnthrallSingle Target Mesmerize Spell (48 Secs) Con.Vendor.50
IdentifyObtain Item Lore Information Div.Vendor.50
Illusion: BarbarianSelf Only Morph to Barbarian Div.Vendor.30
Illusion: DwarfSelf Only Morph to Dwarf Div.Vendor.30
Illusion: TreeSelf Only Morph to Tree Div.Vendor.30
Invisibility versus UndeadSingle Target Undead Invisibility Buff Div.Vendor.40
LevitateSingle Target Levitation Buff Alt.Vendor.30
MesmerizationArea Effect Mesmerize(24 Secs) Con.Research70
QuicknessSingle Target Haste Spell (Max: 30%) Alt.Vendor.80
Rune ISingle Target Damage Absorber (Max: 55) Abj.Vendor.41
Sanity WarpSingle Target Magical Direct Damage (Max: 95) Evo.Vendor.75
Shalee's AnimationSummon an Animation Con.HHK.85
ShieldingSelf Only HP, MR, and AC Buff Abj.Vendor.50

Level 20

Spell NameSpell DescriptionEraClassLocationMana
BenevolenceSelf Only NPC Faction Boost Alt.Vendor.50
Berserker StrengthSingle Target Melee Buff with Damage Absorb (Max: 50) Alt.Research45
CalmSingle Target Frenzy Reduction Alt.Vendor.50
CloudSingle Target AC Buff (Max: 11) Abj.Vendor.40
Color ShiftStuns all Targets Around Caster (6 Secs) Div.Research40
Crystallize ManaSummon a Vial of Cloudy Mana Div.L.Faydark.400
Endure MagicSingle Target Magic Resist Buff (Max: 20) Abj.Vendor.40
Feckless MightSingle Target Strength Debuff Alt.Vendor.45
Illusion: IksarSelf Only Morph to IksarKun.Div.Firiona Vie Quest.50
Illusion: OgreSelf Only Morph to Ogre Div.Vendor.50
Illusion: TrollSelf Only Morph to Troll & HP Regen Buff (1hp/tick) Div.Vendor.100
Shifting SightSee through the targets eyes with Infravision. Div.Vendor.30
Sisna's AnimationSummon an Animation Con.HHK.105
Sympathetic AuraSingle Target Charisma Buff (Max: 18) Alt.Vendor.40
TashaniSingle Target Unresistable Magic Resistance Debuffer (Max: 23) Abj.Vendor.20

Level 24

Spell NameSpell DescriptionEraClassLocationMana
AlacritySingle Target Haste Spell (Max: 40%) Alt.Vendor.115
BeguileSingle Target Random Duration Charm Spell (Level 37 Cap) Alt.Vendor.120
Chaos FluxSingle Target Magical Direct Damage (Max: 150) Evo.Vendor.100
Enchant: GoldEnchant Gold Bar for Jewellery Alt.Neriak.150
Illusion: Earth ElementalSelf Only Morph to Earth Elemental & Strength Buff (Max: 10) Div.Erudin.50
Illusion: SkeletonSelf Only Morph to Skeleton Div.Erudin.50
InvigorSingle Target Stamina Regeneration Spell Alt.Vendor.20
Major ShieldingSelf Only HP, MR, and AC Buff Abj.Vendor.80
Rune IISingle Target Damage Absorber (Max: 118) Abj.Vendor.83
Sagar's AnimationSummon an Animation Con.HHK.130
Strip EnchantmentSingle Target Magic Buff Remover (Max: 4) Abj.Research70
Tepid DeedsSingle Target Slowing Spell (Max: 50%) Alt.Research100

Level 29

Spell NameSpell DescriptionEraClassLocationMana
AugmentationSingle Target Super Melee Buff Alt.Vendor.90
Clarify ManaCreates a Vial of Clear Mana Alt.L.Faydark.600
ClaritySingle Target Mana Regeneration Buff( 4 - 8 ) Alt.Vendor.75
Curse of the Simple MindSingle Target Wisdom and Intelligence Debuff Alt.Vendor.35
Dyn's Dizzying DraughtSingle Target Distance Stun (Max: 12 Secs) Alt.Vendor.150
EnstillSingle Target Root Spell (Max: 96 Secs) Alt.Vendor.60
FeedbackSingle Target Damage Shield (11 Dmg) Abj.Research75
Illusion: Air ElementalSelf Only Morph to Air Elemental & Levitate Div.Erudin.50
Illusion: Water ElementalSelf Only Morph to Water Elemtal & Enduring Breath Div.Erudin.50
Listless PowerSingle Target Melee Debuff Alt.Vendor.90
Nullify MagicSingle Target Magic Effect Debuffer Abj.Vendor.50
ObscureSingle Target AC Buff (Max: 14) Abj.Vendor.50
SuffocateSingle Target Magical Debuff DoT (Max: 263) Alt.Vendor.100
Uleen's AnimationSummon an Animation Con.HHK.150
UltravisionSingle Target Ultravision Div.Oasis.55

Level 34

Spell NameSpell DescriptionEraClassLocationMana
AnarchySingle Target Magical Direct Damage (Max: 288) Evo.Vendor.160
Boltran's AnimationSummon an Animation Con.HHK.125
Cast SightSee Through Targets Eyes with Ultravision Div.Vendor.45
Enchant: PlatinumEnchant Platinum Bar for Jewellery Alt.Neriak.225
EntranceSingle Target Mesmerize Spell (72 Secs) Con.Vendor.85
Gift of MagicSingle Target Mana Buff (Max: 50)Vel.Abj.Iceclad Ocean.
Greater ShieldingSelf Only HP, MR, and AC Buff Abj.Vendor.120
Illusion: Fire ElementalSelf Only Morph to Fire Elemental & Damage Shield (Max: 16) Div.Erudin.70
Insipid WeaknessSingle Target Strength Debuff (Max: 51) Alt.Research80
Mana SieveSingle Target Mana Reducer Alt.Research150
Radiant VisageSingle Target Charisma Buff (Max: 30) Div.Research65
Rune IIISingle Target Damage Absorber (Max: 230) Alt.Vendor.149

Level 39

Spell NameSpell DescriptionEraClassLocationMana
Aanya's AnimationSummon an Animation Con.HHK.200
Cajoling WhispersSingle Target Random Duration Charm Spell (Level 46 Cap) Alt.Vendor.195
CeleritySingle Target Haste Spell (Max: 50%) Alt.Vendor.185
Distill ManaCreate a Vial of Distilled Mana Alt.L.Faydark.800
Gravity FluxArea Effect Direct Damage Spell (Max: 330) Alt.Research337
Illusion: DryboneSelf Only Morph to Drybone & Fire Resist Buff (Max: 25) Div.Erudin.70
Illusion: Spirit WolfSelf Only Morph to Wolf & ATK (15), Cold Resist (10) Div.Erudin.70
ImmobilizeSingle Target Fast Root Spell (Max: 60 Secs) Alt.Vendor.80
InsightSingle Target Wisdom and Intelligence Buff Alt.Vendor.125
Invoke FearSingle Target Fear Spell (42 Secs) Alt.Vendor.100
Mind WipeArea Memory Blur Alt.Research100
PacifySingle Target Frenzy Reduction Alt.Vendor.100
RampageSingle Target Melee Buff with Damage Absorb (Max: 90) Alt.Vendor.90
Resist MagicSingle Target Magic Resist Buff (Max: 40) Abj.Vendor.85
ShadeSingle Target AC Buff (Max: 17) Abj.Vendor.90
Wandering MindDuration Theft of Mana (Max: 120 Mana)Vel.Con.NPC Drop.5

Level 44

Spell NameSpell DescriptionEraClassLocationMana
Arch ShieldingSelf Only HP, MR, and AC Buff Abj.Vendor.200
Boon of the GarouSingle Target Werewolf FormVel.Alt.NPC Drop.100
BrillianceSingle Target Intelligence and Wisdom Buff Alt.Vendor.125
Color SkewStuns all Targets Around Caster (8 Secs) Div.Research60
Discordant MindSingle Target Magical Direct Damage (Max: 528) Evo.Vendor.240
Enchant VeliumEnchant Velium BarVel.Alt.Thurgadin.200
Extinguish FatigueSingle Target Full Stamina Refresh Alt.Vendor.35
Illusion: WerewolfSelf Only Morph to Werewolf and Major Melee Buff Div.Erudin.90
IncapacitateSingle Target Melee Debuff Alt.Vendor.150
Pillage EnchantmentSingle Target Magic Buff Remover (Max: 4) Abj.Research70
Rune IVSingle Target Damage Absorber (Max: 394) Abj.Vendor.236
Shiftless DeedsSingle Target Slowing Spell (Max: 65%) Alt.Research200
Summon CompanionSummon Your Pet to Your LocationVel.Con.E. Com.50
TashaniaSingle Target Unresistable Magic Resistance Debuffer (Max: 33) Abj. Quest 30
WeaknessSingle Target Strength Debuff (Max: 65) Alt.Vendor.120
Yegoreff's AnimationSummon an Animation Con.HHK.250

Level 49

Spell NameSpell DescriptionEraClassLocationMana
Adorning GraceSingle Target Charisma Buff (Max: 40) Alt.Vendor.110
AllureSingle Target Random Duration Charm Spell (Level 51 Cap) Alt.Research245
Berserker SpiritSingle Target Melee Buff with Damage Absorb (Max: 200) Alt.Vendor.150
Blanket of ForgetfulnessUnresistable Area Memory Blur Alt.Research175
DazzleSingle Target Mesmerize Spell (96 Secs) Con.Vendor.125
Enchant: AdamantiteFor Dark Elf Cultural Smithing Alt.Neriak.325
Enchant BrelliumFor Dwarven Cultural Smithing Alt.Ak'Anon.325
Enchant MithrilFor High Elf (?) Cultural Smithing Alt.Felwithe.325
Enchant SteelFor Human (?) Cultural Smithing Alt.Freeport.325
Gasping EmbraceSingle Target Magical Debuff DoT (710 Dmg) Alt.Vendor.200
Group Resist MagicGroup Magical Resistance Buff (Max: 55) Abj.Vendor.200
Kintaz's AnimationSummon an Animation Con.HHK.300
Paralyzing EarthSingle Target Root Spell (Max: 3 Mins) Alt.Research100
Purify ManaSummon Vial of Purified Mana Alt.L.Faydark.1000
Reoccurring AmnesiaPersistent Memory Blur Alt.Research100
ShadowSingle Target AC Buff (Max: 20) Abj.Vendor.70
Swift Like The WindSingle Target Haste Spell (60%) Alt.Vendor.250

Level 50

Spell NameSpell DescriptionEraClassLocationMana
Improved InvisibilitySelf Only Fixed Duration InvisibilityVel.Alt.NPC Drop.75

Level 51

Spell NameSpell DescriptionEraClassLocationMana
CollaborationSelf Only NPC Faction BoostKun.Alt.Firiona Vie Overthere.75
Theft of ThoughtSingle Target Mana Tap (Max: 400)Kun.Alt.NPC Drop.25
Wake of TranquilityArea Effect Lull SpellKun.Alt.Quest.300

Level 52

Spell NameSpell DescriptionEraClassLocationMana
Boon of the Clear MindGroup ClarityKun.Alt.Quest.175
Color SlantStuns and Mana Drain all Targets Around Caster (8 Secs)Kun.Div.NPC Drop.125
FascinationArea Effect Mesmerize (36 Secs)Kun.Con.Firiona Vie Overthere200
Rune VSingle Target Damage Absorber (Max: 620 - 700)Kun.Abj.Firiona Vie Overthere350

Level 53

Spell NameSpell DescriptionEraClassLocationMana
Aanya's QuickeningSingle Target Haste Spell (64% Max)Kun.Alt.Firiona Vie Overthere275
Boltran's AgacerieSingle Target Random Duration Charm Spell Kun.Alt.Firiona Vie Overthere400
CrippleSingle Target Melee DebuffKun.Alt.NPC Drop.225
Recant MagicUpgrade to Pillage EnchantmentKun.Abj.Quest.90

Level 54

Spell NameSpell DescriptionEraClassLocationMana
Clarity IIIncrease Mana Regeneration Rate (11/tick)Kun.Alt.Quest.115
DementiaSingle Target Magical Direct Damage (Max: 675)Kun.Evo.NPC Drop.250
Glamour of KintazSingle Target Low Resist Mesmerize (30 Secs)Kun.Con.Firiona Vie Overthere275
Shield of the MagiSelf Only HP, MR, and AC BuffKun.Abj.Firiona Vie Overthere300

Level 55

Spell NameSpell DescriptionEraClassLocationMana
Gift of InsightSingle Target Base Mana BuffVel.Alt.NPC Drop.300
Largarn's LamentationSingle Target Stun with Mana Drain (Max: 8 Secs)Kun.Evo.NPC Drop.120
Memory FluxSingle Target Low Resistance Hate ReducerKun.Alt.Firiona Vie Overthere350
Wind of TishaniArea Effect Magic Resist Debuffer (Max: 23)Kun.Abj.NPC Drop.45
Zumaik's AnimationSummon an AnimationKun.Con.NPC Drop.350

Level 56

Spell NameSpell DescriptionEraClassLocationMana
AugmentSingle Target Super Melee BuffKun.Alt.NPC Drop.135
Overwhelming SplendorSingle Target Charisma Buff (Max: 50)Kun.Alt.Firiona Vie Overthere175
Torment of ArgliSingle Target Magical Debuff DoT (Max: 560)Kun.Alt.NPC Drop.150
TrepidationSingle Target Fear Spell (36 Seconds)Kun.Alt.Firiona Vie Overthere200

Level 57

Spell NameSpell DescriptionEraClassLocationMana
EnlightenmentIntelligence and Wisdom Buff (Max: 21)Kun.Alt.NPC Drop.200
Forlorn DeedsSingle Target Slowing Spell (Max: 70%)Kun.Alt.NPC Drop.225
TashanianSingle Target Unresistable Magic Resistance Debuffer (Max: 39)Kun.Abj.Firiona Vie Overthere40
UmbraSingle Target AC Buff (Max: 24)Kun.Abj.NPC Drop.80

Level 58

Spell NameSpell DescriptionEraClassLocationMana
BedlamSingle Target Melee Buff with Damage Absorb (Max: 350)Kun.Alt.NPC Drop.200
FetterSingle Target Root Spell (Max: 180 Secs)Kun.Alt.Firiona Vie Overthere75
Wonderous RapiditySingle Target Haste Spell (Max: 70%)Kun.Alt.Firiona Vie Overthere325

Level 59

Spell NameSpell DescriptionEraClassLocationMana
AsphyxiateSingle Target Magical Debuff DoT (Max: 950)Kun.Alt.NPC Drop.250
Gift of Pure ThoughtGroup Clarity II (11/tick)Kun.Alt.NPC Drop.300
RaptureSingle Target Low Resist Mesmerize (24 Secs)Kun.Con.Firiona Vie Overthere425

Level 60

Spell NameSpell DescriptionEraClassLocationMana
DictateFixed Duration Charm Spell (48 Secs)Kun.Alt.NPC Drop.750
Gift of BrillianceSingle Target Base Mana Buff and Mana Regeneration (2/tick)Vel.Alt.NPC Drop.450
Visions of GrandeurSingle Target Super Melee BuffKun.Alt.NPC Drop.275
Wind of TishanianArea Effect Magic Resist Debuffer (Max: 40)Kun.Abj.NPC Drop.70


Pet Information

Pet Guide


Skill Specialization

Casting Skills

Level Trained Skill Cap Until 50 Cap Above 50
1 No Abjuration 235 235
1 No Alteration 235 235
1 No Channelling 200 200
1 No Conjuration 235 235
1 No Divination 235 235
1 No Evocation 235 235
4 Yes Meditate 235 252
16 Yes Research 200 200
20 Yes Specialization 200 235

Combat Skills

Level Trained Skill Cap Until 50 Cap Above 50
1 No 1-Hand Blunt 110 110
1 No 2-Hand Blunt 110 110
1 No Bind Wound 100 100
1 No Defense 145 145
1 No Hand to Hand 110 110
1 No Offense 140 140
1 No Piercing 110 110
1 No Throwing 75 75
22 Yes Dodge 75 75

Miscellaneous Skills

Level Trained Skill Cap Until 50 Cap Above 50
1 No Alcohol Tolerance 200 200
1 No Beg 200 200
1 No Fishing 200 200
1 No Sense Heading 200 200
1 Yes Swimming 200 200

Enchanter-Specific Quests

Class Race Quest List


Class specific gear suggestions are cross listed on the Gear Reference page.

Check Enchanter Equipment for the full list of gear usable by enchanters.


Players:Pre Planar Gear


Players:Planar Gear


Players:Kunark Gear

Velious Pre-Raid/Group

Players:Velious Pre-Raid Gear

Velious Raiding

Players:Velious Raiding Gear


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