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Erati's PoM Doll Guide

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First kiddo, you go to the Plane of Mischief and find some playing cards. The creatures who live up there use them often to play silly games with each other, really boring stuff like Old Maid and Uno.

Eventually you find enough cards that you have to keep them in a container. Talk to the Librarian of the house to get the box for your cards, it only fits 4 so you need to try as many combinations as you can.

Sooner or later your cards will turn into a useless item that you won't want or need. So take this item to the one person who needs everything given to them up front, the official painter of Plane of Mischief: we shall call Bob.

Firstly give Bob the Painter some wealthy paper and he will give you another container to put your useless junk item in. Put the junky item in the container Bob gave you with another piece of wealthy paper because he's so freaking fancy it will take two wealthy pieces of paper for Bob to do a thing for you like most painters grrr.

Anyway, you now have some really funny looking money. Collect 4 monies and then you have to talk to the mother hen of the place Peachy Da Vinci. Hand her the cash and she gives you a hug however she won't actually touch you, she's too good for that. Instead she will give you another freaking box.

Literally tons of boxes are given to you in this place, it's really annoying if you have little shelf spaaaaaace, nowhere for these things to do and they are not much of a conversation coffee table piece. You click the box and boom a doll will appear. You click the doll and it will hug you.

Voila you now have PoM dolls. Enjoy your hugs.

The end. (Original Source)