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Europa (Guild)

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Europa stands for fun and mature EQ gaming. We only accept friendly, no-drama players. We like to make EQ entertaining. And you can be part of that. The purpose of the guild is to make new friends, group up and explore Everquest together. We also raid about twice a week (currently Sky, Hate, Fear, Chardok, Juggs and Epics) where you are welcome to participate if you are level 46 or higher. We do this for fun, not for loot.

The guild was created as a home for European players, this means most of us play at European times. But we do have members all over the world. If you reside elsewhere, please specify in your application as to why you want to join an European based guild.

Leadership (Officer Council)

  • Antibus (Founder)
  • Gaviilan
  • Nabyha
  • Nareen
  • Piercesyu
  • Rikas
  • Culkasi
  • Rikantiza