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Experienced Courier

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Davorre Bloodthorn
Start Zone: Paineel
Quest Giver: Davorre Bloodthorn
Minimum Level: 31
Classes: Shadow Knight
Related Zones: Toxxulia Forest
Related NPCs: Phaeril Nightshire, Veisha Fathomwalker


  • Battle Worn Halberd
    Battle Worn Halberd
    Item 736.png

    Slot: PRIMARY
    Skill: 2H Slashing Atk Delay: 41
    DMG: 16
    STA: +5 AGI: +5
    SV DISEASE: +5
    WT: 8.0 Size: GIANT
    Class: SHD
    Race: ERU


Tell Davorre Bloodthorn you are experienced and willing to assist him and he will assign you with a task. He gives you a note to deliver to his lost love Veisha Fathomwalker, who is patrolling the outer regions of Toxullia Forest. She is only there at night. After you deliver the note from Davorre Bloodthorn to Veisha Fathomwalker, she mentions that her new love is Phaeril, who apparantly is the captain of the guard.

Veisha Fathomwalker says 'Davorre, he is still alive! All these years I had thought him dead. He has kept his promise to me, and yet my most recent actions betray him so. I did not know. Here. Please give this to him with my most sincere regrets. I have moved on with my life and it is good to know that he is alive and well. But [Phaeril] is now my life.'

You receive Veisha's Engagement Ring.

Giving the ring to Bloodthorn gives you xps and Faction.

In a presumed fit of jealousy, he tells you to find this man, kill him, and bring back his head. Phaeril can be found at the same spot you found Veisha (LOC: -32.70, 609.30, -54.25 - but he patrols), only he is there during the day. He is about level 30. (Was blue to level 30) When you kill him, you chop off his head and bring it back to Davorre who gives it back to you nicely packaged in a box as a present to Veisha. (gory ain't it?).

Give her the box and she will freak out and try to kill you. After you polish her off, you need to bring her head back to Davorre to prove your deed and he will reward you with a Battle Worn Halberd.

I have been told that you can skip all of the steps and just kill Veisha and return her head for the Halberd. Just be aware that she is a paladin and has lay on hands available.

Need all dialogues, faction hits, /loc of quest mobs, missing items if any. Phaeril gives no faction hits.