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Faction Quests

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Faction through Quests

Below is a list of quests which are commonly used to raise faction.

See also: All Positive Faction Quests

Faction, Antonica

Notice: This page needs a revamp or clean-up. It may contain serious omissions or information which is incorrect for Project 1999. It may represent the wrong era, and/or may be the result of a revamp on Live which may not yet be active on P99. Do not trust this page.

Orc Scalp Collecting

Highpass Hold

Captain Ashlan spawns in two different areas, both are in the pass itself not the keep. One is up the steps near the Kithicor Forest end above the orcs, the other is near the gnoll camp at the East Karana end, also above the pass. He tends to walk around a lot.

You say, 'Hail, Captain Ashlan'

Captain Ashlan says 'Greetings, traveler! I am Captain Ashlan of the Highpass Guards. I keep watch over my men and the volunteers here at the East Gate. It's been a busy [job] here lately, with the [orc raids] and all.'

You say, 'What job?'

Captain Ashlan says 'We're short-handed around here, as usual. Would you like to help us out with the [Volunteer Watch]?'

You say, `What Volunteer Watch?'

Captain Ashlan says 'The Volunteer Watch guards the entry gates of Highpass. Since the [orc raids] are becoming more and more frequent, it's a busy job. But it can pay well, depending on how many [orcs] you slay.'

You say, 'What orcs?'

Captain Ashlan says 'One of the orc clans of Kithicor Woods has been trying to expand their territory. Small orc raiding parties are frequently rushing the East Gate. Without the [Volunteer Watch] helping us out, Highpass would probably be overrun by those vile beasts.'

Turn in an Orc Scalp (you may turn in up to four at once).

Captain Ashlan says 'Great work! Maybe you can help us out again sometime?'

You gain experience!!

Fixed amount of coin per turn in.

Notes about Experience per Scalp

XP per turn-in HEAVILY nerfed - recieved about 1% for 85 scalps at level 11.

Inert Potion

Erudin Palace

Toresian Fhabel is at 727.01, 804.42, 35.13 in Erudin Palace.

You say, 'Hail, Toresian Fhabel'

Toresian Fhabel says 'Welcome, my friend! We are the Craftkeepers. We study the circle of magic called enchantment. What circle do you [study]?'

You say, 'i will study enchantment'

Toresian Fhabel says 'Then I welcome you into our circle. It is good to see new blood.'

This spawns a Slansin in the Vials of Vitality (jewelry shop). The Real Slansin looks like a merchant and does not have a last name. The fake Slansin wears a red robe and bears the name Slansin Denvin.

You say, 'I wish to assist Toresian'

Toresian Fhabel says 'Thank you. It is a simple task. Take this potion down to Viles [sic] of Vitality and give it to Slansin. He will need it for their stock. Now be on your way.'

Real Slansin (merchant) option

Give Slansin the Inert Potion.

Slansin says 'Thank you. I have been expecting this. We require it for mixing.'

You gain experience!!

Slansin then despawns (giving an opportunity for fake Slansin to spawn).

Fake Slansin (red robe) option

Give Slansin Denvin the Inert Potion.

Slansin Denvin says 'Ha!! What a fool!! I have stolen another potion to add to the crate. I shall make a fortune!! The real Slansin is in back. Now it is time for me to leave.'
(confirmed 4/19/2020)

Note for Rebby

East Freeport

Find Nestral TGaza at location -193, -835 in East Freeport, among the Dismal Rage in the southwestern corner of the zone. (Under the Seafarer's Roost at dock)

You say, 'Hail, Nestral TGaza'

Nestral TGaza says 'Hey, hello there, _____. It's been so busy around here lately! Barely time to eat and sleep, let alone have any fun. Oh well, it keeps me employed. But, I really could use someone to [help] me out around here.'

You say, 'I will help'

Nestral TGaza says 'Yeah, if you can help me out with a few things that'd be great! Geez, where do we start? I need someone to run over to [Janam and Rebby's]? Can you do that for me?'

You say, 'I can run to Janam and Rebby's'

Nestral TGaza says 'Janam and Rebby are a couple of merchants working the area around the entrance to Arcstone over in West Freeport. It's part of my job to keep tabs on those two rascals. I need someone to take this note to Rebby for me. Don't worry, your efforts won't go unnoticed, _____.'

You receive: Message to Rebby. Find Rebby and Janam in West Freeport at location (-156, -720), In front of the Theater of the Tranquil, near Brownloe Bakery & the Ashen Order.

You say, 'Hail, Rebby Willend'

Hand in: Message to Rebby.

You gain experience!!

You receive: Rebby's Rat Whiskers.

Return to Nestral TGaza in East Freeport. Hand in: Rebby's Rat Whiskers

You gain experience!!

You receive 1 copper pieces from Nestral TGaza.

Nestral TGaza says, 'Thank you _____, You have done well.'

Note for Janam

West Freeport


Harkin Duskfoot may be found at -326.57, -844.42, -110.68 among the Dismal Rage guildmasters in the southwestern corner of East Freeport. Beur Tenlah is standing right next to him.

You say, 'Hail, Harkin Duskfoot'

Harkin Duskfoot says 'HA! Greetings there, ______! How are ya this fine day? Me? I'm doing all right. Guard duty down here always reminds me of home.'
Beur Tenlah says 'Heh, I got something that reminds you of home.. My armpit! Bwa haha!!!'

You say, 'Hail, Beur Tenlah'

Beur Tenlah says 'Heya, ______! I've been on watch duty all night. Kinda makes a man thirsty, ya know? Why don't you be a good little scamp and run up to the bar and get me a [dwarven ale]? That sure would hit the spot right about now.'

Purchase some Dwarven Ale and give it to Beur.

Beur Tenlah says 'Well, well, well.. It's about time. Whatta ya got, boots fulla stones? Or maybe yer just part turtle? Bah, anyways, thanks for the ale. Maybe I'll buy you one sometime, eh? Bwahaha!'

You gain experience!!

Harkin Duskfoot says 'Bah! Don't listen to this fool. Listen, I've something a little more important for you to do than buy ales. I need you to take a [message] to my friend Janam over in West Freeport.'

Message to Janam

You say, 'What message?'

Harkin Duskfoot says 'Ok, ______, I need you to take this message to Janam in West Freeport. He is usually hanging out in front of the Theater of the Tranquil with that good-for-nothing Rebby. Anyway, give this note to Janam and bring his reply back to me.'

You receive a Note to Janam.

Go to West Freeport and find Janam Rekish at 55.63,-809.15, -129.75 Map Icon.png outside the Academy of Arcane Sciences building, northwestern side.

You say, 'Hail, Janam Rekish'

Janam Rekish says 'Ah, hello there, friend! Me an' Rebby here, we're a just couple o' regular merchants. Though we've got nothin' to sell right now, we'd gladly take any donations. Them's the breaks, I suppose.'

Give him the note.

Janam Rekish scribbles out a note and says, 'Please make sure that Harkin gets this right away. If you lose it, it could mean both of our heads.'

You gain experience!!

You receive a Note to Harkin. Head back to East Freeport and give Harkin the note.

Harkin Duskfoot says 'Ah, good work, ______. And quick too, I'll makes sure that Elisi hears of your loyal work. Here... take this for your efforts.. it's not much, but it's all I have on me right now.'

You gain experience!!

You receive 6 copper pieces.

The Frikniller Family

East Freeport

Gren Frikniller is a bodyguard for the rogue guildmaster in East Freeport. Ask him about his sister (they share the same surname):

You say, 'Who is your sister?'

Gren Frikniller says 'Ah, my sister Falia has traveled here all the way from Rivervale. I hear that she's been staying up in North Freeport, but I haven't had a chance to find her yet. If you get some spare time, could you take this letter to her for me? Thanks, _____, you're really not so bad after all.'

Take the letter to Falia Frikniller in North Freeport. Note she is on Merchants of Rivervale faction and may not deal with you if your faction is too low (apprehensive works):

You say, 'Hail, Falia Frikniller'

Falia Frikniller says 'Aye, hello there, friend! How are ye on this fine day? A beautiful day to be alive, I must say! Anyway, I just got into Freeport last month. Wow, is this city big! Way bigger than humble little Rivervale. That's where I'm from. I'm working on setting up my own little business here, Falia's Foot Combs and Footwear, it'll be called. But, I don't have anything to sell yet, so check back in a couple of weeks. Safe travels to ye, friend.'

Hand her the letter:

Falia Frikniller says 'Heh, that good for nothing fool. I've been here for over a month already, and I haven't seen him yet. Bah, anyway, could you take this back to him for me? It was our grandfather's lucky necklace. He passed it down to our father, and now onto my brother. Knowing that little worm, Grenny, he'll probably trade it for a mug of ale. Oh well, thanks for delivering the letter, friend. Good day to you, and safe travels.'

You gain experience!!

Receive a Broken Heirloom Necklace in return, which you can take to Gren:

Gren Frikniller says 'What's this? Oh, ol' Grandpa Frikniller's lucky necklace, huh? I'll bet this broken piece of junk won't even get me a sip of ale up at the bar. And lucky? How lucky could this thing be? Poor gramps was lonely and copperless his whole life. Bah!! Oh, well. Here's some coin for your efforts, thanks, _____'

You gain experience!! You receive ~1 silver from Gren Frikniller.

Lenka's Pouch

East Freeport


You say, 'Hail, Toala Nehron'

Toala Nehron says, 'I am Toala Nehron. You must be another young warrior aspiring to join the ranks of the Steel Warriors. We welcome all who would try. When you [have time], there is a friend of mine I would like you to check on.'

You say, 'I have time.'

Toala Nehron says, 'I have a friend by the name of [Lenka Stoutheart]. She reported to me that her ship was broken into and someone stole a pouch of hers. Could you go look into it for me? Just tell her Toala sent you. Oh, and pay no mind to the walking mountain by her. That will only be Bronto, her navigator. Thanks, friend.'

You say, 'who is Lenka Stoutheart?'

Toala Nehron says, 'Lenka Stoutheart is an old friend of mine. I trained with her in my younger days when the Steel Warriors sent me to train in the ways of the Wolves of the North, the barbarian warriors of Halas. She is now an adventurer of great sorts. She travels from continent to continent aboard the Blue Beast, her ship. The Last time I had heard from her she was docked in East Karana.'

Find Lenka Stoutheart at the dock tavern, in the daytime.

Lenka and Bronto

You say, 'Hail, Lenka Stoutheart'

Lenka Stoutheart says 'Hi, kid! You seem to be a stranger in these parts. Heed my words, this city is dangerous to new blood!'
Bronto Thudfoot says 'You said it, boss! Stay clear of taking sides and you should be just fine, young one .'

You say, 'Toala sent me'

Lenka Stoutheart says 'She does not even have the courtesy to come herself. Some old friend!! Listen, some rogue in this city broke into the [Beast] and stole a pouch containing a voucher ticket for a part I need to repair the Beast. I can't get the part back without the ticket. I did not see the rogue. I did not sleep on the Beast that night. Bronto was there. Ask him if he saw the rogue.'

You say, 'What is the Beast?'

Lenka Stoutheart says 'You're joking, right? You have never heard of the Blue Beast?!! She is the fastest ship in Norrath. She made the [Kunark run] in under three weeks. She was designed by [Bronto].'

You say, 'What Kunark run?'

Lenka Stoutheart says 'The Kunark run is the most dangerous run between Freeport and [Firiona Vie], in Kunark. If the seas don't rip your hull to splinters and the pirates and sea wyrms don't kill you, you can make a quick run back and forth, avoiding any unwanted inspections.'

You say, 'What about Firiona Vie?'

Lenka Stoutheart says 'Firiona Vie is an elven outpost on the continent of Kunark. Every so often I run supplies to and from there. Do not even think about asking me to take you there. It will be months before I can make improvements on the Blue Beast to make it impervious to aerial attacks.'

You say, 'Hail, Bronto Thudfoot'.

You say, 'Did you see the rogue?'

Bronto Thudfoot says 'I had quite a bit of grog that night and it was very dark. What I do remember was seeing a tall woman in a dress run from the docks. She sort of smelled, too. Like fish. I know it was the docks, but this woman had a real stench to her. Like dried fish baking in the sun. That is all I remember. It was too dark to see anything but her [silhouette].'

You say, 'Her silhouette?'

Bronto Thudfoot says 'Yeah!! The silhouette looked like a very brawny woman. It had to be a woman. The silhouette was surely that of one with a short skirt and long hair.'

This description matches that of a fisherman named Brunar Rankin.


You say, 'Hail, Brunar Rankin'

Brunar Rankin says 'How are you? Please excuse my stench. I fish all day and night just to feed my large family. You look like an adventurer. That must be exciting. I am but a humble fisherman. Maybe someday we shall both be rich. You by your treasures and me by my catch.'

You say, 'What did you steal from Lenka?'

Brunar Rankin says 'How dare you accuse me of being a thief!? I labor hour after hour trying to catch one fish which will bring me one copper piece to buy one slice of bread which I will split into five pieces to feed me, my sick wife and three little children, one of whom has the plague!! Poor little Repi. Now please, leave this humble little fisherman alone!'

If you stay with Brunar he eventually goes up into the Seafarers Roost and gives his 'Catch" to Gregor the bartender. If asked about Brunar, Gregor hints that he steals for him. Gregor says he will put the catch down in the storeroom, which by the way leads down to the Thieves guild.

The L.S. Pouch can be found between a box and a crate in the storage room with the secret door to the thieves guild. Take the pouch to Lenka and she says this and that about the stuff was stolen and tells you that you can have the junk in the pouch.

From the pouch you can either get a snapped fishing pole (which can be given to Olunea Miltin at the dock) or a Moggok's Right Eye.

The faction hits for returning the pouch are:

You gain experience!!

You either receive Snapped Pole or Moggok's Right Eye.

The Lottery Ticket

East Freeport

This is a sub-quest in the Princess Lenya quest, but is nice in its own right. In East Freeport, go into Hallard's Resales (located on the left at the top of the ramp down to the "bad" part of East Freeport) and talk to Tohsan Hallard (Loc: -85, -456).

You say, 'Hail, Tohsan Hallard'

Tohsan Hallard says 'Greetings and welcome to Hallard's! You will find many aged weapons begging you to shine them up and make them great once more. We will gladly pay you top dollar for any rusty weapons you may have found littering the Commonlands. I have a [special offer] for those who have obtained orc pawn picks.'

You say, 'What special offer?'

Tohsan Hallard says 'I will pay some silver pieces for every four orc pawn picks returned to me. I shall also throw in a ticket to the Highpass Hold lottery. It could be a winner!!'

Upon turning in four Orc Pawn Picks:

Tohsan Hallard says 'There will be no silver nor lottery ticket until I receive four orc pawn picks.'
Tohsan Hallard says 'There will be no silver nor lottery ticket until I receive four orc pawn picks.'
Tohsan Hallard says 'There will be no silver nor lottery ticket until I receive four orc pawn picks.'
Tohsan Hallard says 'As I promised, some silver and of course, the Highpass lottery ticket. Oh yes, I forgot to mention the ticket was for last season's lottery. Ha Ha!! You now own a losing Highpass lottery ticket, lucky you! Ha!!'

You gain experience!!

You also get some coin, and one of 6 "Lottery Ticket # _____" (you can keep turning in Orc Pawn Picks four at a time until you've got all six tickets).

Possible tickets are:

  • Lottery Ticket # 14001
  • Lottery Ticket # 14350
  • Lottery Ticket # 15600
  • Lottery Ticket # 15601
  • Lottery Ticket # 15602
  • Lottery Ticket # 16568

If you head to High Keep, you can learn about the Highpass Hold Lottery from Jail Clerk Meryl.

You say, 'Hail, Jail Clerk Maryl'

Jail Clerk Maryl says 'Hail! I am the jail clerk of Highkeep. How may I be of service?'

You say, 'What highkeep lottery?'

Jail Clerk Maryl says 'The Highkeep Lottery is held every season. The Casino Treasurer, Lynn, handles all ticket sales and information. She can be found at the vault.'

Treasurer Lynn is found nearby:

You say, 'Hail, Treasurer Lynn'

Treasurer Lynn says 'Greetings!! Welcome to Highkeep, home of the greatest casino in all of Norrath. Please visit our fine casino on the second floor.'

You say, 'What highkeep lottery?'

Treasurer Lynn says 'Interested in the Highkeep lottery, are we? I am afraid it has been put on hold. We found last season's winner to be holding a counterfeit ticket. We now await [last season's winner] to step forward with the winning ticket - ticket number 16568. His prize is the key to the royal suite.'

You say, 'Who was last season's winner?'

Treasurer Lynn says 'Last season's winner is not known. I have heard from my sources that he was some sort of merchant of used goods.'

(Little does Tohsan Hallard know...)

Upon turning in "Lottery Ticket # 14001", "Lottery Ticket # 14350", "Lottery Ticket # 15601", or "Lottery Ticket # 15602":

Treasurer Lynn says 'I have no need for this _____, you can have it back.'

Upon turning in "Lottery Ticket # 15600" (the runner-up ticket):

Treasurer Lynn says 'You have the runner up ticket from last season!! Here is your reward. Remember, a copper gambled is a plat earned!!'

You gain experience!!

You receive ... gold from Treasurer Lynn.

Upon turning in "Lottery Ticket # 16568" (the winning ticket):

Treasurer Lynn says 'Congratulations!! You are the winner of last season's Highkeep lottery. Here is the key to the royal suite. You should find this room on the third floor.'

You gain experience!!

You receive Highkeep Royal Suite, a key.

On P99: Treasurer Lynn (HK basement, behind banker), Lottery Ticket # 16568 = winner

Fabian the Bard

East Freeport (Grub 'n Grog)

Fabian is located at 132.27, -797.48, 6.87 in East Freeport inside the Grub 'n Grog Tavern.

You say, 'Hail, Fabian'

Fabian says, 'Greetings, merry gentlefolk! If you enjoy the music, please feel free to cross my palm with gold.'

Give Fabian 2gp and he will say:

Rat spittle! Busted another string! You seem like a good music loving citizen, could you please run to the Wind Spirit's Song and grab me a fresh set of lute strings?

Note: You can stop here if your only goal is faction. The rest of the quest is for level 30+.
Each turn-in gives 1 Faction with League of Antonican Bards (tested on P99 Blue 2018-07-13). The amounts are likely the same for the other factions. Also confirmed each turn in gives 1 Faction with Knights of Truth.

Head to Wind Spirits Song, the Bard guild in South Qeynos

You say, 'Hail, Sansa Nusk'

Sansa Nusk says 'Hello.. Welcome to the Wind Spirit's Song. I'm Sansa, and I help out the local bards here.'

You say, 'Who is Fabian?'

Sansa Nusk says 'Ahh - jolly Fabian. He is one of our best customers! That is, of course, due to the fact that he has the heaviest fingers of any bard I know. Anyhow, down to business. I assume he sent you for a new set of strings. Unfortunately, I have not been able to procure any of the special - uhh - things needed to make his strings lately.'

You say, 'What special things?'

Sansa Nusk says 'Uhh - ummm - uhhh - Fabian does not know this, but his strings are - uh - made of - uh - troll guts.'

You say, 'Where do I get troll guts?'

Sansa Nusk says 'Well, Fabian likes the thick resonance that only troll gut strings can provide. Trouble is, trolls are scarce around these parts, thank the gods, but Fabian breaks his strings as fast as I find suppliers. Trolls sometimes wander the Karanas in search of food but that is so rare, to see one there. Anyhow, if you find one out in the Karanas, bring me his gut and I can make the strings to take to Fabian.'

You need a Bag of Troll Guts which drops off Zahal the Vile in North Karana. Hand them into Sansa.

Sansa Nusk says 'I am not even going to bother asking where you got that. Just take this set I already made and hurry them back to Fabian.'

You gain experience!!

Receive Lute Strings, hand them in to Fabian back in East Freeport.

Fabian says 'Many thanks, merry gentlefolk! Let me cross your palm in gratitude for your kindness.'

You gain experience!!

You receive 20 silver, 10 gold, 1 platinum from Fabian.

Muffins for Pandos

West Freeport

Muffins can be bought in East Commonlands, from the INN #2, name Innkeep Juna OR at Brownloe Bakery in West Freeport

Muffins can be bought in West Freeport from Pincia Brownloe (-276, -698).

Note: If Lady Shae is not KoS to you, then it is possible to do this quest at any faction with Pandos as long as you have the ability to go invisible or hide. Cast invisbility and make your way into Lady Shaes' room. If you stand in the corner of Lady Shaes' room at Loc (-206.42, -507.30, -10.87), Pandos will not aggro you no matter what level you are. By opening the door, you can then hand him 1 muffin. The give box will then come up, and the door can close but you will still be able to put more muffins into the slots. Once all four slots have been filled with muffins, you can then cast invisibility on yourself, or activate the hide ability. Con Pandos, and make sure that he is indifferent to you. When he is, press the give button.

If you make the mistake of moving from the corner, Pandos will most likely attack you. Be careful, and happy factioning!

Pandos Flintside may be found at +100, -615 in the Hogcaller's Inn.

You say, 'Hail, Pandos Flintside'

Pandos Flintside says 'Greetings! Please move along. I am not paid to converse with strangers... unless of course you have a muffin or two..?'

Give him a Muffin.

Pandos Flintside says 'Mmmm. This smells delicious. Oh great!! No milk!! Don't you have any sense?! Just tell me the name of the bakery and I will run and get it myself. I am sure Lady Shae will be safe.'

You gain experience!!

If you tell him you got the muffins at the Brownloe bakery, he'll go there. As soon as he leaves, this ward comes out and will talk to you. This dovetails into the Hogcaller's Inn Quest.

Red Wine for Lady Shae

West Freeport

Lady Shae is in West Freeport in Hogcallers Inn at 173.41, -650.93, -87.87

You say, 'Hail, Lady Shae'

Lady Shae says 'Hello. It is always good to meet someone new. I am Lady Shae of the House of Dumas. And what [house] are you from?'

You say, 'I have no house.'

Lady Shae says 'Good. I care not to hang around any snobs this evening. Would you be so kind as to buy me some wine?'

Give her four Red Wine.

Lady Shae says 'Oh my.. You are so kind. I can not tell you the last time I had so much fine wine. Well, there was the time Antonius Bayle told me he no longer had the time for a committed relationship. Mister big ruler of the world. Make it to the top and find someone younger. I know his plan. I hate him. I will never trust another human again. After all that, he goes and asks me to hold on to this list for him. Well I am glad it was taken from me by that [Dyllin]. Antonius Bayle has no ties to me any more!! Good riddance! Oooooh! I love him.'
  • Your Faction standing with FelGuard got better.

You gain experience!!

You say, 'Who is Dyllin?'

Lady Shae says 'Dyllin was the name of a Qeynos guard who was sent to pick up the list I was holding for dear, sweet Antonius. He left just yesterday. If you wish to meet up with him, I heard him say he was going to stop at Highpass Hold.'

Note for Konem

North Qeynos

Phin Esrinap is in the monk's guild in North Qeynos.

Tell Phin Esrinap, "Where is Konem?."

He will say he left somewhere and hasn't returned, and will give you a note to take to him.

You receive Message to Konem.

Konem Matse is in Qeynos Hills. He is always very close to one of the two paths and he is usually under a tree. Give the note to Konem.

Konem Matse says 'Oh I see.. Phin's always after me about something. I mean, it's not my fault the order hasn't come in yet. Hey, since I'm so busy right now, why don't you be a friend and take this back to Phin for me, huh?'

You gain experience!!

You receive: Grathin's Invoice.

It reads:

Phin -- I am sorry to report that the wooden arms you ordered last week, have not yet arrived. I've sent my assistant to find out what happened to the last trade caravan. Probably bandits again. I'll let you know as soon as I find out anything. -- Grathin

Give it to Phin.

Phin Esrinap says 'Oh this is not good. Too many innocent traders have been getting robbed lately by the those vile bandits out in the Karanas. Something must be done soon. Anyway, thank you for delivering the message.. you did well, young __________. Here's a little something to quench your thirst from all that running around.'

You gain experience!!

You receive a Water Flask.

Bottle of Red Wine

Neriak 3rd Gate

Must be Apprehensive to Dark Bargainers

Find Lokar To`Biath in the library of the 3rd Gate at +895, -1245. Responded to hails as an indifferent agnostic DE enchanter.

You say, 'Hail, Lokar To`Biath.'

Lokar To`Biath says, 'I am the Scribe of Innoruuk. If you do not have business with me, begone!'

You say, 'Are you a Scribe of Dal?'

Lokar To`Biath says 'The Scribes of Dal? All of them are long since [dead].. or at least most would say that.'

You say, 'Why are they Dead?'

Lokar To`Biath says 'Perhaps, perhaps not. I cannot remember, but perhaps Innoruuk would help me remember should you tithe him a bottle of red wine from the Blind Fish.'

Give him a single Red Wine. It can be from anywhere, not just the Blind Fish. The nearest bar might be the Cuisine Excelsior, which is also conveniently devoid of hostile patrons. (Note for p99: Giving 4 bottles results in 4 rewards, as of 01-02-2020)

Lokar To`Biath says 'Ah, yes, let me pray to our god.. Yes, Innoruuk has given me wisdom. A Scribe of Dal still exists, disguised as a barkeep in the Blind Fish. This information will not help you though, for she has sworn a [vow] of silence and will not speak of the Dal.'

You gain experience!!

Note: This is one of the best quests to gain faction with the Dark Bargainers (Neriak Residents) and with Dreadguard Outer and Dreadguard Inner as it boosts the factions without giving you faction loss with anyone else. 151 turn-ins will take an Iksar Necromancer or Shadow Knight from scowling to dubious with the Neriak guards. It took between 401 and 460 turn-ins to get an Iksar Monk to dubious, without any other faction work. The experience reward is roughly 1/40th of a blue bubble at level 3, so the experience benefits quickly diminish.
It took 900 turn ins to get a Tunare worshipping wood-elf ranger to dubious with the inner guards.
Meanwhile, 540 hand-ins was still not enough to take a wood-elf rogue to dubious with the guards even long after the citizens started to con warmly; it was about 700 turn-ins until the guards stopped wanting to murder her. Dark elves much really hate their woodland cousins...
26 turn ins brought Lokar To`Biath (the quest giver) from the bottom of Kindly to the bottom of Warmly, indicating that the quest likely gives +10 Dark Bargainers faction per turn in.

Note: With Velious the spell Form of the Great Bear allows Shaman's to do this quest or atleast talk to him for turnins , If Shamans try for this watch out for the Clerics and Shadow Knights they will want to murder you . I started as Warmly from a Barbarian Shaman so try this idea if you're into faction quest . Pexar Spiritweaver 3/22/16

Evil Research

South Ro

She wont give the quest to Iksar Necromancers. If you give her a Lightstone, she'll take it without any reward.

Smith Tv'ysa is in the camp in South Ro at loc pos100, pos500.

Note: Although this quest is meant for lvl 16+ casters looking to work on their Research skill, it gives great Neriak faction hits and no negative hits. Requires to be Indifferent or better.

Hand in a Lightstone:

Smith Tv`ysa says 'A lightstone ? Thank you very much. Here is a copy of 'Runes and Research' for you.'

You gain experience!!

Dark Elf Mage (10% Exp penalty)

Level Exp per turn in (Rough Average) Sample size (Number of runs)
5 11.2% 5
7 9.25% 4
9 5.4% 5
10 4.25% 4
11 3.5% 8
12 3% 2

Hand in a Greater Lightstone:

Smith Tv`ysa says 'A greater lightstone? Thank you very much. Here is a 'Concordance of Research' for you.'

You gain experience!!

Dark Elf Mage (10% Exp penalty)

Level Exp per turn in (Rough Average) Sample size (Number of runs)
5 11% 2
7 11.33% 3
8 11% 3
9 11% 1
10 8.66% 9
11 7% 6

Faction, Faydwer

Bone Chips, Felwithe

Yeolarn Bronzeleaf is located at 13, -434, 0 in the Cleric Guild. This quest can be completed at Apprehensive faction.

You say, 'Hail Yeolarn Bronzeleaf'

Yeolarn Bronzeleaf says, 'Hail, ______! We of Tunare are charged with protecting the Great Mother from the forces of Innoruuk. Even now, the evil minions of this foul deity are despoiling our great forest. Will you help us [protect the Mother]?'

You say, 'I will help protect the Mother'

Yeolarn Bronzeleaf says, 'Just outside the gates of Felwithe, the forces of Innoruuk gather in the guise of decaying skeletons. Bring me four set of bone chips as proof of your vigilance. I assure you, your faith shall not go unrewarded.'

Hand Yeolarn Bronzeleaf 4 Bone Chips, unstacked.

Yeolarn Bronzeleaf says, 'Praise Tunare! I knew you would be victorious. I reward you with this spell, and pray that it will help you in your fight against the unholy forces of Innoruuk. When you are ready you will make a fine [Initiate of Tunare].'

You gain experience!!

Bone Chips, Kaladim

Gunlok Jure is located at 1315, 158, 39 in the Paladin guild. You must have Indifferent faction to complete this quest.

You say, 'Hail, Gunlok Jure'

Gunlok Jure says, 'Hail, ______! Bow before the greatness of the Clerics of Underfoot! It is good to be a paladin in such an order as ours - to fight the good fight and defend Kaladim from the evil and undead. If you be a paladin, then I pray you find the [courage to battle the undead].'

You say, 'I have the courage to battle the undead'

Gunlok Jure says, 'Yes!! To battle the undead is our greatest call. There has been a rise in the number of dwarven skeletons seen in the Butcherblocks. If you are a true member of this order, I shall reward you for the return of four bone chips. We shall defend our land from evil!'

Hand Gunlok Jure 4 Bone Chips, unstacked.

Gunlok Jure says, 'I called for the remains of four skeletons.'
Gunlok Jure says, 'I called for the remains of four skeletons.'
Gunlok Jure says, 'I called for the remains of four skeletons.'
Gunlok Jure says, 'You have done well. We thank you for your deed with this humble reward. The power behind the raising of our dead shall soon be found. You will earn more respect with more bone chips. I only wish you could assist in the return of the [remains of Cromil].'

You gain experience!!

You receive 15 silver, 6 copper pieces.

Crushbone Belts, Kaladim

Canloe Nusback is located at -16, 536, 3 in the Kaladim Warrior's Guild.

You say, 'Hail, Canloe Nusback'

Canloe Nusback says, 'Step forward and speak up, young ______! Kaladim can always use another warrior. Are you [ready to serve Kaladim] or has a yellow streak appeared down your back?'

You say, 'I am ready to serve Kaladim'

Canloe Nusback says, 'Then serve you shall. Let your training begin on the battlefields of Faydwer. Seek out and destroy all [Crushbone orcs]. Return their belts to me. I shall also reward you for every two orc legionnaire shoulder pads returned. A warrior great enough to slay one legionnaire shall surely have no problem with another. Go, and let the cleansing of Faydwer begin.'

You say, 'What Crushbone orcs'

Canloe Nusback says, 'The army of the Crushbone orcs is deadly indeed. They are great military strategists. It was a legion of them that brought down the great [Trondle Ogrebane]. Speak with Furtog Ogrebane about the Crushbones. He has need of warriors such as you.'

You say, 'Who is Trondle Ogrebane'

Canloe Nusback says, 'Trondle Ogrebane is the legendary dwarven warrior who single-handedly exterminated the ogre clan called the [Mudtoes]. He was recently killed in battle. It took an entire legion of Crushbone orcs to bring him down. Furtog is still fuming about that.'

You say, 'Who are the Mudtoes'

Canloe Nusback says, 'The Mudtoes were a small clan of ogres. They lived somewhere in the Butcherblock Mountains. They had an insatiable appetite for dwarves. They were finally destroyed by the hand of Trondle Ogrebane.'

Hand Canloe Nusback a Crushbone Belt, randomly looted from Orc Centurions around Faydwer.

Canloe Nusback says, 'Good work, warrior! Now continue with your training. Only on the battlefield can one become a great warrior.'

You gain experience!!

You receive 1 gold, 5 silver, 8 copper pieces.

Shondo and The Tonic, Erudin

Your Location is 600.04, 809.14, -31.12

You say, 'Hail, Shondo Billin'

Shondo Billin says 'Oh, Brell!! Help me get out of here. I did nothing wrong!! I did not know you could not take that [tonic] out of the city.'

You say, 'What tonic?'

Shondo Billin says 'Oh, why did I have to try and help that Erudite in Qeynos? He was sick and vomiting and needed something called Erud's Tonic!! Now just because I wanted to help, I am going to be vomiting up my insides!! Oh, Brell!!! GET ME OUT OF HERE!!'

He's looking for some Vasty Deep Ale. Give him one.

Shondo Billin says 'Gulp.. Gulp.. Aaahhh!!! That hits the spot. All I can tell you is that the heretic's name was E'lial B'rook. He mumbled something about a rendezvous and he would be floating down a river, smooth sailing back to something called Paineel. That's all I know.'

You gain experience!!

Orc Vest

The merchant Linadian is located at -142, -545, 161 in Kelethin, two platforms over from the Scouts of Tunare (Rogue) Guild - alternatively - in West Freeport at loc (56, -299).

You say, 'Hail, Linadian'

Linadian says, 'Greetings! Please look through my fine wares. I have spent my whole life practicing my skills in tailoring. I do my best to compete with the other local merchants, but I have yet to make a profit. I pray to Tunare that my [banded orc vests] will finally bring me a few extra coins.'

You say, 'What banded orc vests'

Linadian says, 'Glad you are interested. I can create a leather vest I call a banded orc vest. It will aid you in repelling any disease and offers quite a bit of protection in battle. I will need some materials. For a Deathfist banded orc vest, I require two legionnaire pads worn by the clan Deathfist, one Deathfist slashed belt, and ten gold coins. For a Crushbone banded orc vest, I require two legionnaire pads worn by the Clan Crushbone, one Crushbone belt, and one silk swatch.'

NOTE On 4/25/20 on green server in West Freeport, the text did not include the silk swatch and I was able to do the hand-in successfully without this. Maybe that's coming in a future patch?? - jhod

Hand Linadian 2 Crushbone Shoulderpads, a Crushbone Belt, and a Silk Swatch - alternatively - 2 Deathfist Shoulderpads, a Deathfist Slashed Belt, and 10 gold pieces.

Linadian says. 'Grand doing business with you. Hold your nose. I can never get rid of the orc stench of the vests. That is why the other merchants do not pay me much for them.'

You gain experience!!

Muffin for Pandos

Muffins can be bought in West Freeport from Pincia Brownloe (-276, -698).

Note: If Lady Shae is not KoS to you, then it is possible to do this quest at any faction with Pandos as long as you have the ability to go invisible or hide. Cast invisbility and make your way into Lady Shaes' room. If you stand in the corner of Lady Shaes' room at Loc (-206.42, -507.30, -10.87), Pandos will not aggro you no matter what level you are. By opening the door, you can then hand him 1 muffin. The give box will then come up, and the door can close but you will still be able to put more muffins into the slots. Once all four slots have been filled with muffins, you can then cast invisibility on yourself, or activate the hide ability. Con Pandos, and make sure that he is indifferent to you. When he is, press the give button.

If you make the mistake of moving from the corner, Pandos will most likely attack you. Be careful, and happy factioning!

Pandos Flintside may be found at +100, -615 in the Hogcaller's Inn.

You say, 'Hail, Pandos Flintside'

Pandos Flintside says 'Greetings! Please move along. I am not paid to converse with strangers... unless of course you have a muffin or two..?'

Give him a Muffin.

Pandos Flintside says 'Mmmm. This smells delicious. Oh great!! No milk!! Don't you have any sense?! Just tell me the name of the bakery and I will run and get it myself. I am sure Lady Shae will be safe.'

You gain experience!!

If you tell him you got the muffins at the Brownloe bakery, he'll go there. As soon as he leaves, this ward comes out and will talk to you. This dovetails into the Hogcaller's Inn Quest.

Faction, Bards

Going Postal

This quest covers every town in Norrath, as well as some non-town areas. The reward varies (at whim) between 1gp and 15gp, with values in the middle more usual. With a couple of deliveries, low-level characters could get a few platinum easily. Bards with Selo's Accelerando are really in good shape, as some of these routes can be done in only a few minutes.

The quest is sponsored by the League of Antonican Bards. Faction hits are...

You gain experience!!

Note: if you are delivering several packages at once, make sure to hand them in one at a time, otherwise you will only get credit for one of them.

Faction, Kunark

Cabilis Faction

Cabilis contains six main faction groups:

NOTE: In original classic, once your faction was capped with Iksar Troopers, you were unable to raise it with anywhere else in Cabilis as they all became capped (even if you were at scowling). I'm not sure if it is this way currently on P99, but please be aware of the possibility. It was later fixed on live.

Pre-Emptive Step: Get an Overthere Hammer, as later stages will involve trashing Venril Sathir faction. So, go to The Overthere, and kill 80+ sarnak berserkers (lvl 29-33) to collect sarnak war braids to hand in to Captain Rottgrime. The best camp spot, if you don’t have a tracker, is the couple of buildings at the south of the zone, north of the Frontier Mountains zone line; a number of static spawns and wanderers. Berzerkers seem to be on the general sarnak spawn table.

As soon as you hit amiable, go to the undead foreman, just south of the ships, and hand him a jade (only one required, although he talks about “filling [his] eyesockets”. Bingo.

Step 1: Mass Slaughter

Outcast Iksar in Warsliks Wood - Iksar Bandits(lvl 9-10), Marauders (warrior, lvl 14-16), Manslayers (lvl 17-19), Pariahs (lvl 19-23), Exiles (lvl 23-26). There are six Exiles in a group in the SW corner of the zone next to a lake that are relatively easy to find. This seems to be the only way to raise Brood of Kotiz faction, and also raises Legion of Cabilis

SKs need to be non-KoS with necros; necromancers interested in doing the skullcap quest need to reach amiable with Brood of Kotiz. 150 – 200 iksar kills will allegedly take you to glowers with necros. There are several camps of low level iksar outcasts that you can use for this: the caves in Warsliks Woods, before the zone to LOIO; several camps of three in huts in WW; and the camp of four NE of the explorer tower in LOIO. The cave in Field of Bone is on a very slow respawn timer, so I don’t recommend there. The caves in WW have 12 – 15 spawns on a 16 minute timer, but you need to pay full attention for 4-6 minutes to kill them all. The hut SE of the zone to The Overthere has the advantage that you can let him do most of the killing; overnight here should be enough for faction.

Goblins in Warsliks Wood These give faction for the Legion of Cabilis and for the Inhabitants of Firiona Vie. Good to raise this faction if you think you'll end up getting KoS to Venril Sathir eventually as you will be unable to return to the outpost in The Overthere.

There are many level ranges of these. A Goblin Thief (lvl 2), A Goblin Scout (lvl 2-4), A Goblin Watcher (lvl 3-5), A Goblin Outrider (lvl 5-6), A Goblin Hextracer (lvl 7-8), A Goblin Hunter (lvl 8-10), A Goblin Bonecaster (lvl 10-12), A Goblin Skirmisher (lvl 11-13), A Goblin Witchdoctor (lvl 13-15), A Goblin Battlemaster (lvl 14-16), A Goblin Bloodtracer (lvl 16-18), A Goblin Aggressor (lvl 17-19), A Goblin Pit Fighter (lvl 19-21), A Goblin Soothsayer (lvl 19-21), A Goblin Warrior (lvl 20-22), A Goblin Coward (lvl 20-23), Goblin Warlord (lvl 24), A Goblin Messenger (lvl 38), A Frantic Goblin (lvl 40), A Shady Goblin (lvl 40).

The lower level goblins are closer to the West Cabilis and Field of Bone entrances, while the higher level ones are in forts in the center of the zone. See the map for details.

Alternate Step 1: Item Turn-In Quests

If you can, the fastest way to get Legion faction is to collect weapons in Veksar (lvl 55+) and hand them in the the NPC in Lake of Ill Omen until you reach dubious with the Legion. I haven’t done this, but I believe roughly 10 or more hand ins (40 weapons) will be required. If you kill explorers until you have 6 stacks of knives, you should have high enough legion faction to hand in.

The next best is the explorer knives quest; you will need roughly 6 stacks of these to max your faction. (Note: This is Velious era content not yet added on P99.) 4 – 5 stacks will be required to reach non-KoS with other factions; another 4 – 5 stacks if you need to become warmly or better. The explorers are in Lake of Ill Omen, between the Warsliks Woods and Cabilis zones. NOTE: This will bring down your Fironia Vie faction!

Step 2: Bring Out Yer Dead!

Hand in bone chips in vast numbers to Trooper Mozo in Field of Bone until you are non-KoS to merchants, shamans, etc. This is slower than the explorer knives, but without the FV faction hits. Note that the wandering crusaders in the area (Quarg and Bhodli) are on different factions. One is on Crusaders and the other is on Scaled Mystics.

Once you reach dubious to Iksar troopers head over to Kurn's Tower in Field of Bone or any other spot where you can get a LOT of bonechips (this will take many bags of bonechips). Kurn's Tower is the most convenient place because of its location.

There are two ways to do the turn-in:

  • Option 1 is to quickly feed as many stacks of 4 bonechips(remember 4 stacks at a time) to Trooper Mozo in the 4-6 minute window and retreat before the Crusaders go on patrol, however this makes it difficult and the Crusaders might not even leave and return in sync making it even harder.
  • Option 2 is to stand behind Trooper Mozo in the corner by that lamp thing right up against the wall. SLOWLY take tiny steps forward until you are able to hand Trooper Mozo the stacks of bonechips(you're not close enough if you're right in the corner behind the lamp).

You should be able to give as many stacks as you want from this location WHILE the Crusaders walk past.. this is the method I used.. it was quite unnerving to have some red at level 48 shadowknight go walking past you repeatedly at that distance without turning me into a bloodstain on the ground, but it MUCH easier to give lots of bonechips without interruption.

Chardok Faction

It is possible to become non-kos with Chardok's Sarnak faction, Brood of Di`Zok, by killing hundreds of goblins in the Temple of Droga. This is useful for pulling (especially in AoE groups) and corpse retrieval.

Faction, Velious

First here are the general bonuses of each faction.

Coldain = Thurgadin is a great utility city, Coldain Ring Quests and Coldain Shawl Quests. Armor is sub par in comparison to the others.

CoV = HoT quest capable. Most HoT Quest items are on par if not better than many NToV drops. Armor is on par with Kael gear, generally has better resists but lower AC.

Kael = Kael armor is about the best there is in game aside from NToV drops, which you will be able to farm without faction worries. Dain Heads and Yelink Heads to Tormax generally result in the best rewards.

  • Coldain Faction = Easy, by killing Kromrif Giants to raise Coldain.
  • CoV Faction = Easy, by killing Kromzek Giants will raise CoV faction.
  • Kael = Moderate, Kill CoV mobs to raise Kromzek, and Coldain mobs to raise Kromrif. Kill boss mobs in those zones to raise Tormax faction.

Coldain and CoV at the same time: Easy, killing giants of all types will eventually get you the faction for both. This is probably where most of CT is sitting right now. You have access to the SS quest armor, HoT quests, Kael mob drops, and Coldain Ring/Shawl quest as well as the utility of both cities.

Coldain and Kael at the same time: Difficult, steps below on how to do this. End result is that you have access to NToV drops, Kael Quest Armor, Coldain Ring and Shawl quests, utility of both cities, Skyshrine and WW drops.


  • 1. Kill Giants till your max ally with Coldain.
  • 2. Kill CoV stuff till your dubious with Kromzek.
  • 3. Kill Coldain till your dubious with Kromrif.
  • 4. Save all Dwarf heads you find while killing coldain.
  • 5. Turn in dwarf heads to max out both giant factions and Tormax faction. Buy extra dwarf heads if you need to, however, they are quite hard to find on the open market.
    • Now you should be max kos to CoV, max ally or close to it for Kael, and hopefully not max kos to Coldain.
  • 6. Kill giants to get Coldain back up to where you want it. But, don't let yourself drop below Ally to giants. Turn in more Coldain heads that you have saved or have bought to keep repairing Kael faction so you can continue to raise Coldain faction and still keep yourself at the faction level you need for the Kael quests.
  • 7. Get extra Tormax faction by killing Velketor the Sorcerer.
    • It may be quite difficult to get ally to both at the same time, but if you can keep yourself with a decent supply of dwarf heads, it should be possibl to stay near the top of each faction and just edge into ally for whatever quest you need to complete. The goal here really is just to keep yourself non kos with Coldain so you can use the city.

CoV and Kael Faction at the same time: Hard, this is probably the most difficult set of factions to max, aside from the CoV+Kael+Coldain. The down side of even attempting to do this is that you will be out of luck when it comes to most raids or high end quests. Its just not worth it. However, it can be done.

  • 1. Max CoV faction by killing giants.
  • 2. Kill Coldain for heads and Kael faction.
  • 3. Kill Dain as much as possible.
  • 4. Turn in heads but don't let yourself go below ally with CoV.
  • 5. Kill Velketor the sorcerer for Kael hits.

Its possible to even get non kos to all 3. Ive herd of one person that is Ally to CoV, Ally to Kael, and currently up to amiable with Coldain. All he pretty much does is faction stuff these days. This is a great option for a 100% raid based Magician, since most magicians are generally the CotH people and during raids their function is mod rod creation to keep clerics healing and wizards nuking. Sorry mages, its just how things go.

If you can sneak you may be able to get this faction work done much easier, as most of the time you can just sneak to get to indiffierent, stand behind the quest giver, and trade the item. Captain Belvos, however, is in a difficult spot to perform this feat, and may require someone thats not kos to kael to chain cast invis on you throughout the trade, or you may be forced to bolt for the zone.