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Race: Sphinx
Class: ?
Level: 65
Zone: Plane of Mischief
Location: Center of hedge maze
AC: ?
HP: ? (?)
Damage per hit: ?
Attacks per round: (?)
Special: ?


The only way to get the Deck of Spontaneous Generation on p99. Never respond with 'no' to his question.

How to reach him: From main hall, go into the hidden hallway in the corner by One. Take the first right, and in the first alcove type area, go left through the hidden wall, where you'll find a skunk guard (Guard Roses). Go through the wall behind it and click on the portrait behind Chuckles. In the next room, click on the torch above the desk. In the next room, click on the potted plant. You are now in the hedge maze. It's a series of 3 boxes stacked on one another and there are hidden holes in the hedges. Proceed to the center, where Ferjeneror is waiting.

As for how to get's better to have a port class with you, but otherwise:

  • Click the green stick of a tree next to Ferjeneror
  • In the upside down wing, run straight through the YOU SHALL NOT PASS room without stopping (YOU SHALL NOT PASS are four separate NPCs in front of--you guessed it--YET ANOTHER FAKE WALL, what a surprise)
  • Turn left and go straight to a dead end, where another skunk, Walnut, is hanging out.
  • Turn left and go through a fake wall
  • Turn left again and follow the hallway to the sideways pool (another fake wall)
  • Swim through the pool to the other side (a mirror image of the sideways pool you just jumped in). If you don't have levitate, some clever hopping will see you into the water.
  • Hop on the side of the guard statue pedestal on the end opposite EightySix, open the door, and run til you find a room with Donk
  • Go through the fake wall behind Donk, click on portrait to the left
  • In the room with doors, only one is the real one. Seek ye the lefthand one on the west wall.
  • You are now in a room with a bunch of Bristlebane portraits (Picture Hall). Go through the door and you are in a room full of treasure and a throne (Throne room). Ooo, ahh.
  • You should actually go back to the Picture Hall and click on the main portrait due South (same one you popped into the hall from).
  • Tada! You're in the Main Hall. Head to the south steps (opposite the way it has you facing, of course), turn right, and follow the hall to the main entryway to get out of the mansion.
  • Reflect on your poor life choices in not being able to port or gate. But at least you had fun!

Known Loot

  • None


  • PoM Residents (not sure on exact name)

Opposing Factions

  • None

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