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First Test of Kejaar

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Original Classic Era (added 1999-2000)
Shazda Asad
Start Zone: Kerra Island
Quest Giver: Shazda Asad
Minimum Level: 20
Classes: All
Related Zones: Toxxulia Forest
Related NPCs: an Erudin Emissary


  • Kejaar Totem
    Kejaar Totem
    Item 894.png

    Charges: 5
    Effect: Spirit of Cat (Any Slot, Casting Time: Instant)
    WT: 1.0 Size: TINY
    Class: NONE
    Race: NONE


Shazda Asad is located at 398, -281 in Kerra Island.

You say, 'Hail, Shazda Asad'

Shazda Asad says 'Rrrr..I am Asad, Shazda of the Kerran [Sejah]. It is my duty to ensure the safety of what lands have not been taken from us by the Erudites, and to train my soldiers in the fighting styles of our heritage.'

You say, 'What Sejah?'

Shazda Asad says 'The soldiers of our sejah are all trained from the time they are weaned from their matriarchs. If you wish to be honored by the sejah you must prove to us your loyalty and devotion to the defense of our lands. In Toxxulia Forest there are Erudite emissaries who constantly attempt to encroach upon our territory. Bring me the head of one such emissary.'

an Erudin Emissary can be found wandering Toxxulia Forest. Kill them.

Loot a Emissary Head. Give the head to Shazda.

Shazda Asad says 'Excellent work, young ayyar! You have proven your willingness to dispose of the enemies of our tribe, now you must face one of their most murderous sentries! Bring me the head of Sentinel Creot and I shall induct you into our sejah!'
  • Your faction standing with Kerra Isle got better.

You gain experience!!